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~ I'm not native english, so if I make any mistakes, feel free to tell me (: ~

Ava's summer have been rough. It's made her a more introverted and quit person than ever. Her two best fiends have both gotten a boyfriend over the summer, but Ava's single as always.

It's their first day of senior year, and with plenty of new faces. But it's not just freshmen.
Caleb's just moved to town, all the way from Canada. And it's sure to say, that's he's going to turn Ava's world upside down.


1. Intro

~ Wednesday ~

I can not believe this is it. Today. It is the first day after summer vacation, where I start my senior year. It feels strange, but doesn't. It's a mix of being nervous, exited, but also nothing at all - it kind of feels normal.

I sit on the edge of my bed, placing my feet on the cool floor. As I yawn, my mother yells from the kitchen asking if I'm awake. I simply answer her with a "Yes". My dog nudges my door with his nose. He's a golden retriever, if you were curious. He comes inside my room to get petted, but after some time he walks away again. Well, apparently I wasn't that exiting.

I stand up and walk over to the mirror on my wall. I watch myself as I slowly pull off the white t-shirt I always sleep in. My panties and some kind of a loose sports-bra-ish-thing is the only two things I'm wearing now. My body has become a dark brown colour, which is has come after I basically spend all summer laying on the beach with my two best friends and their boyfriends. Yup, I'm the only single in this group.

You can see that I have lost some pounds over the summer, but it's alright. I run my fingers from my neck, over my shoulders, and down my arm. I stop right after elbow and looks at both my underarms in terror - I still remember it clearly.

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