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~ I'm not native english, so if I make any mistakes, feel free to tell me (: ~

Ava's summer have been rough. It's made her a more introverted and quit person than ever. Her two best fiends have both gotten a boyfriend over the summer, but Ava's single as always.

It's their first day of senior year, and with plenty of new faces. But it's not just freshmen.
Caleb's just moved to town, all the way from Canada. And it's sure to say, that's he's going to turn Ava's world upside down.


2. "I'm sorry, that was rude of me."

I chose to wear a pair of booty-shorts and a plain white t-shirt, so that my arms are all free. People can stare if they want. I think they all know what happened anyways - in this small town, everything spreads like the wind.

The school looks exactly like it did when we left it for the summer, but that's not weird at all. Molly and Hazel are standing with their boyfriends right beside the entrance, only waiting for me. Daniel is Mollys, and Cameron is Hazels. We just call them Dan and Cam, as it's way easier.

I park my car, and as I step out the door, I hear Hazels voice across the parking lot. "Hey, girl!" She yells. I wave and smile. All the freshmen are standing nervously in a big group, waiting for their guiding teacher. I run my look through all of them, there doesn't seem to be anyone I know.

"What's up Ava! Damn, those arms. Are you alright?" Dan ask, I simply nod and look away, as I feel a tear press. He might have noticed it, because he starts apologising. I start to cry. Dan quickly takes me into a tight hug, thereafter the rest of them. A big tight group-hug. Dammit why am I like this?

They loose their grip off me and Molly's the first one to speak. "I heard there's two new people starting here. It should be a girl as junior and her brother as a senior, like us. They moved to here from somewhere in Canada." That's a long way. "Why would they move to here?" I ask while looking for the two new faces in the parking lot. I don't see anyone else than the freshmen. "Their father got a job here, and their mother too." I guess that's a good reason. The bell rings.

At lunch we all meet up, and takes the table we always sit by. The table is for 6 persons, so because of my not-existing love-life, there is, of course, a free spot. "I met the new junior. She's really nice." Cam says, as he winks at Hazel. She hits him on the shoulder, but not hard. "She's gorgeous. I'd kill to get that brown, curly hair or those green eyes." Says Molly with her mouth full of pizza. "If her brother is just half as attractive as her, he's already more attractive than all the boys here together. Apropos him. Have anyone of you seen him? I haven't." She keeps talking on and on. I sit here silently thinking about how he looks. A deep voice behind me hits me out of my daydreaming with a shock. "Can I sit here?" Both Molly and Hazel nods with their mouths open wide. "Thanks. Hi, I'm Caleb. My sister and I just moved here from Canada. It's hard to find a spot to sit - there's so many people here." Molly's the first one to introduce herself, then Hazel, Dan and last Cam. Well, I'm the last one. "I'm, uhm, Ava." I say, as his eyes meet mine. His look flies to my arms and then very fast back to my eyes. "I'm sorry, that was rude of me." He says. I just nod.

The rest of the day passes me like a train. I have only one thing on my mind all the time, and that is Caleb. Every time he smiles to a girl, everything in me melts. I've never felt like this before. The way the left side of his mouth goes a little higher than the right side when he smiles, his toothpaste-commercial-white teeth and last, but certainly not least, his shiny emerald-green eyes. I can't stop staring at him, and he luckily haven't noticed it yet. Chemistry is my least favourite subject, so I always draw the whole lesson, while I'm listening of course. Not to brag, but I'm really good at drawing, and my Instagram-profile has got about 300.000 followers. But this lesson it's different. I don't just draw realistic flowers and animals. This lesson I'm drawing a person. The person on my mind.

~ Thursday ~

I'm not gonna lie to you, the very first thing on my mind, when my alarm goes off, is Caleb. I check my phone, and oh my freaking god, I have a friend request in Facebook! My heart starts racing, the butterflies in my stomach starts fluttering like crazy! I open my Facebook, ready to tap "accept". I hurts, the whole world stands still for 5 seconds. It's not Caleb, it's one of the freshmen I helped find the classroom she had to get to. I accept anyways, and go down for breakfast. The whole house smells fantastic of the something my mom have made.

When I arrive to school, I see my group of friends standing with Caleb. My heart starts racing, I don't know what to do. As I walk towards them I look down to be sure not to make any eye contact. Molly and the others says their hi, Caleb is just smiling. A little wind comes rushing through our clothes and hair, and Caleb's shirt lifts up a little bit. Damn. Cam looks at me. "What are you doing tomorrow night?" Think of an excuse, think of an excuse... "Nothing I think, why?" I can't lie. "We were talking about going to the beach. Us four, you and Caleb. You in?" I nod. Fuck.

Nothing really happens today either. I don't have any classes with my friends today, so we only meet up a lunch. Of course Caleb is there too. I'm not saying anything, just looking down at my food. After lunch a couple of more classes go by. Now it's the last one: math. The classroom is filled up except for one chair. Before I get to think about it, he stepped inside the door. Caleb. Well, now I know what I'm going to spend my time on this class: I'm going to complete my drawing of him.

The bell rings. Amazing. I hurry through the door, but someone grabs my arm and pulls me aside. It's Caleb and he looks furious. "Why do you keep staring at me? Are you like a creepy stalker or what?! Do you have a problem with me, tell me!" I can't believe what I'm hearing, he might have noticed my staring. But it's not like that at all. I can't get anything out of my mouth, I'm close to cry. He let go of my arm, turns around and walks with hard, fast steps away from me. My back slides down the wall so I end in a sitting position on the floor, and I start crying. With shaking hands I pull a little piece of paper up my bag, and write with a messy handwriting "You're an asshole." I attach the little note to the drawing I've made of him, and on my way home, I drop it in his mailbox.

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