still the one (zayn malik fanfic

sarah never told zayn about his son but what happens when they meet again....will they go bakc together or not are they gonna live happily ever after or not


2. should i

i put the garbage away and i took coby's leash we left i straped jake in his car seat and let cody in he sat next to jake like always man ive never seen a bigger bond that jake and cody has .i got in and we drove to are flat i unstrapped jake he took cody`s leash and ran inside 

i put jake in the bath and cody had to join him i was watching the old X-facters that i tapped i was wathing the one when the boys are there 

i got a phone call from zayn

*hey zayn*

*i wanna talk to you *

*ok wanna meet me at my flat im still at the same one *

*ok do you mind if i bring the boys *

*i dont mind im gonna go get jake out of the bath see ya*

*see ya *

i hung up and took jake out and dried his hair then i dried cody's fur i dressed jake and then he helped me brush cody 

i heard a knock on the door i opend it and cody came running to zayn wagging his tail *hey cody * zayn said petting cody he was the friendliest dog ever 

me and the boys sat down * jake mommy has to talk zayn do you wanna go play with cody in your room * i said putting cody's haarness back on *ok mommy come on cody * they ran into jakes room and closed the door


* so who's jakes father * zayn said i was avoiding eye contact so did the boy * he's your son zayn* i said my hands covoring my face *what!!!! * he yelled jake came out *mommy i scared * jake said crawing into my lap *why jakie * cody sat there looking at zayn * zayn yulled and he scare me * i looked up at zayn i could tell he din't want to scare jake *it's ok jake how about you go call uncle shawn * i said diling his number *yay uncle shawn * he ran off in his room with cody folowing him *who else knows about my son * louis lifted his hand after niall liam and harry * come on i wanna be a part of my kids life what ya doing tommorrow * zayn said looking at the boys after me *well i was paning to go at my brother shawns barn to ride a few horses and jake a pony * i said as cody came back barking for food * ill go with ya guys a litte family activity * zayn said getting up while jake came running in *guess what jakie zayn you and me were going to ride some horses with uncle shawn * i said taking jake *but mommy hef mean hef yulled at yu * i looked at zayn then jake *look jakie cody was a present zayn got me for my b-day * jake face lighted up and he ran into zayn`s arms *see buddy im your daddy and tommorrow were gonna ride horses and its gonna be lots of fun bud * h put jake down and left 

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