still the one (zayn malik fanfic

sarah never told zayn about his son but what happens when they meet again....will they go bakc together or not are they gonna live happily ever after or not


1. seeing him again

*mommy i hongry* jake complained while we were walking are australian sheperd cody *what do you want to eat*i asked handing the leash to jake *what should we eat cody.....he wan nandos mommy *i smiled thinking of how much jake is like niall *i know a nandos where cody can come in with us * i buckled jake in his car seat and cody jumped in next to him i got in and drove off


(4 mins later )

i parked and let jake out i took codys leash and gave it to jake *come cody we goin to nandos * i orderd a kids meal for me and jake . jake was very exited like if he never eat nandos before *go chose a seat jakie * i told him giving him codys leash they ran off to a seat cody jumped next to jake and sat down jake took his leash off leaving cody with only his harness 

i got my order and sat infront of jake *cody want some mommy * i took a handful of fries and gave it to cody he loves nandos we all do *mommy i gotta go potty * he leashed cody and got up on a hurry *come mommy* he said tugging my hand 

wash your hands jakie * it too high to * i lifted jake up he dried him hands and took cody by his leash*ready to go and eat bud * i said *ill rafe  yu mommy* cody stoped at the stage and looked up i looked up too to see zayn *mommy it the gyus who sang i wanf * he said exited cody trying to calm him down *hey zayn* i said blushing *hey sarah i see you kep cody * he smiled *of corse why would i not keep him * i looked down at cody *mommy i wanf to go eate * jake said tugging my hand *who is this* zayn said *its jake * i said picking him up *how old is he * jake looked up and replied for me * im fif * he said holding up five fingers *we better go finish up eating we an talk later * i gave him my number and i walked to the tale with jake forgetting cody *cody come here * he got up i took his leash and went to the tabe

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