still the one (zayn malik fanfic

sarah never told zayn about his son but what happens when they meet again....will they go bakc together or not are they gonna live happily ever after or not


3. horses

*mommy wake up daddy is here and hef goot macdonalds for us come on and eate * jake said jumping on the bed    *im awake jake go get dressed and tell daddy ill  be there soon * he got out i got up took my shower did my hair and got dressed i ran downstairs jake and zayn were eating i took my stuff and eat *mommy daddy i ready to go see uncle shawn now * jake took cody's leash put it on him and ran to the car zayn put his stuff on and ran after jake he tied him in his car seet and waited in the car i put my riding boots on and we drove off 


<<1 hour later >>

jake slep the hole trip over there we arrived and shawn was aleready bringning a horse outside to its pasture * jakie wake up where here * jake woke up all exited i unstraped him and we let cody run around free no leash *uncle shawn* jake ran up to him and hugged him *hey shawn * i said walking up to him i hugged him *hey im zayn*

*im shawn * they shook hands *yeah shawn this is my boyfriend zayn he's jake's father * i explained *he looks like you zayn but with blond hair * *i know rigth * zayn said *uncle shawn i wont to ride asket * jake said pointing to a little pinto pony *of course jake * they took asket out of the pasture and jake brushed him shawn put the blankets saddles.... on  then brang him outside jake got on asket and he starting ridding him but asket was on a lead 

i took snowy a white mare i brushed her she was my favorite horse ever zayn aleready came here a few times when i wasnt pregnant he took out  chance his favorite horse him and chance had a very big bond like cody and jake so he brushed him and saddled him up just like me we put the bridles on but instead of riding with jake we decided to go on the track into the fields where we could see the wild horses they were abit tamed but nnot enougth to let us ride them  we got back to the barn took everything off the horses and asket then we left with cody jake fell asleep the hole way i put my one direction  CD and sang to almost all of them

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