The One Night Stand |Yoongi X Reader|

I always thought that love triangles were things that happen only in books. Romance was stupid and least thats what what i thought, until The last day of summer , July 31. I meet Yoongi and my "Perfect" future collapsed with just a single kiss.


3. Chapter 3

Yoongi was getting closer and closer to your womanhood you bit down on your lip to hold back the moans after a while you tasted a metallic flavor...blood. Yoongi soon leaned in and whispered in a husky tone "Don't let daddy lose his patients "

• • •

You gulped scared of what he was capable of doing next. So you shifted your body closer to Jin and layes your head on his chest. You looked at Yoongi from the corner of your and saw an inpatient look on his face.... You were going to be in big trouble.

                                     • • •

After you guys finished dinner Jin's mother suggested that you stayed the night. You respectfully denied, but ended up staying because of Jin's puppy eyes. 'DAMN YOU JIN'

You and him went to his room. He went to his bed and laid down. He loosened his tie and smirked in your direction. "Are you just going to stand their princess ?" You bit your lip nervously and shook your head. He snorted and pat the empty space beside him."please... come here." You diligently obeyed and Kaye's beside him. He scooped you up and cuddled with you. He intertwined his fingers with yours and smiled. With his other hand he tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear and proceeded to lift up your chin. He blushed slightly..."May I ?" You nodded. You closed your eyes as he brought his pumped lips closer to yours. His lips  instantly collided  with yours. It was a sweet and innocent kiss.  Heh...yea who needs that ass Yoongi.

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