The One Night Stand |Yoongi X Reader|

I always thought that love triangles were things that happen only in books. Romance was stupid and least thats what what i thought, until The last day of summer , July 31. I meet Yoongi and my "Perfect" future collapsed with just a single kiss.


2. Chapter 2

         "Hello, my name is Min Yoongi, its nice to meet y-" you turned to look at him tears in your eyes. "(y/n) !?"


"Oh? Do you happen to know each other?" His mother asked. He frowned ' Yes, Mother for a fact I met her last night and we fucked!' He silently cursed at his bad luck and looked at her " Nope, I have no clue on who she is." I clenched my fists I should have KNOWN better he was just looking for someone stupid to get laid with and I was the one he found! Damn.

I frowned at him to see he actually had the fucking guts to sit next to me! 'Who does he think he is ?!' I quietly brushed my skirt and fixed my almond colored hair. Jin shyly snaked his hand under the table and intertwined his long fingers with mine, I looked at him as my cheeks instantly went into a pink shade. He smiled and whispered "Shh, I was actually dying to feel your soft hand." Yoongi who was observing the scene felt enraged he was tired of playing "The Nice Guy"

he slipped his hand under the table and went to stroke your inner thigh. You jumped from shock and Jin looked at you but brushed it off...  and rubbed your hand with his thumb, as yoongi was getting closer and closer to your womanhood you bit down on your lip to hold back the moans after a while you tasted a metallic flavor...blood. Yoongi soon leaned in and whispered in a husky tone "Don't let daddy lose his patients "

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