The One Night Stand |Yoongi X Reader|

I always thought that love triangles were things that happen only in books. Romance was stupid and least thats what what i thought, until The last day of summer , July 31. I meet Yoongi and my "Perfect" future collapsed with just a single kiss.


1. Chapter 1

I always thought that love triangles were things that happen only in books. Romance was stupid and least thats what i thought, until July 31 the day before my 22 birthday.

---- Normal P.O.V---

Today was officially the last day of being 21 it was a weird concept to me how l can just magically wake up one day and be in a next chapter of my life. Life itself was completely stupid to had to many factors that messed with your head. You rubbed your temples while sliding your cold toes into your sandles. You sat in a chair near your mirror and starred into your reflection. 'Today will be pure recklessness' you thought to yourself. Pamela your best friend had just messaged you her plans for your "epic" 22nd Birthday. You kept it simple you wanted to keep your mind of the problem of your mother was telling you you have to practically marry a man you've never met just to save the business. Its not like that huh...? You threw your phone onto your bed and decided to get ready. You decided to go edgier tonight sliding into a more sexier skin tight black dress. You ringed pamela and she came to pick you up. You usually spilled everything out to her...your frustration, your sadness, your happiness... But not today! Todays about fun! No regrets!

Your friend then parked near Bangtang bar. You two chatted while walking there... You then saw Taehyung patiently waiting near the entrance of the place. Pamela soon forgets Completely about your existence and runs along with her boyfriend. "Well fuck isnt this Great!?"

You entered and sat in the red stools you called out for a margarita, and paid. You sat their alone moving your straw in circles as if something besides melting ice cubes would appear. A blue haired guy soon sat next you and smirked while clicking the roof of his mouth with his tongue"tch, friends ditched you too?"

You looked at him "excuse me?"

You said voice full of irritation.

He laughed," i was dragged here but it seems like i wasnt the only one... you could tell by the way you were having sexual eye contact  with that cup " you blushed he was quite attractive. " Look i have to admit that cup is fucking sexy. Look at it! Isnt it a turn on!?" He licked his lips as he came closer in "not as much as you idiot" you laughed "im (Y/N) and you?"

He grabbed your hand and shook it gently. "Im Min Yoongi , but you can call me Suga." You guys talked for a while and soon before you knew it he was rubbing your inner thighs and biting his lips in hunger. You couldn't help but moan. He then leaned into your ear and whispered " Lets go somewhere private~" he grabbed your hand and pulled you into his car. He kissed you hungrily. He left sloppy kisses although out your neck. He started the engine and pulled into his apartment. He got out and and picked you up. You wrapped your legs around his hips softly thrusting against him, earning some soft moans in response, you continued to kiss as he struggled opening the door trying not to leave his attention from you. He soon opened the door and kicked it close behind him. He threw you onto the bed. As he started to undress, you stared at his chiseled body. Softly running your finger on his masculine chest . He smiled and bit his lips he pulled your body closer to you. Crashing his lips onto yours as he unzipped your dress and slid it of you body. He proceeded to grope your ass softly.

You pulled his pants down as well as his boxers reveling his huge member. He smirked at your eyes widening. He then took off your bra and panties that have been soaking wet with your fluids. He smiled, " someones excited?"

You flushed "don't tease me..."

He smiled gently, "your just to cute"

He slowly rubbed your clit. You arched your back in pleasure... "p-please dont tease me..." you softly wined... he laughed "okay im gonna go in..."

you bit your lip softly "please be gentle" he slowly entered you. You bit down harder onto your lip to stop tears from slipping out. He noticed and quickly kissed the droplets away. He waited until you were ready to start thrusting. You clawed his back and made love until you both reached your climax. It's impossible to call this love... it was more like just a one night stand but at the same time it felt like something more. You both slid under the covers and hid you naked bodies. He kissed you gently on the lips before knocking out "I love you (Y/N) "

Tears filled your eyes. You werent used to these words. Your parents never said it...but he did. You decided to stay with him a little longer before you two parted.

-Time skip-

Sunlight hit your eyes causing them to flutter open you saw the blue haired man sleeping soundly next to you. You wiggled  lose from his grasp and gently pecked his lips one last time. You got dressed and left knowing sadly that you were never going to see him again..

Your phone ringed. It was your mother. "Hello mom" "hey (y/n) get ready im going to pick you up in two hours so you can finally meet your fiancé. " you deeply sighed,"(y/n) i know this isn't the way you wanted it but its for the business." You agreed knowing that you were never going to win  this fight. You soon hung up and ran to catch the nearest bus.

(SUGA/ Yoongi's pov)

I woke up to be greeted by the empty side of the bed. My eyes widened as i  looked everywhere frantically to find some kind of clue on how i can see her again...but there wasn't anything. My eyes started to tear up, i picked up my shirt and sniffed it...i can still pick of hints of her sent. I thought i finally found the one. I  actually had a connection. But i guess it was just  one sided love.

-Your P.O.V

Your mom picked you up and you were anxiously tapping your fingers along side your thigh. You heard he was a couple years older than you but you couldn't help but think that he was an old hag. You finally pulled up by a fancy pale white house. You bowed as you stepped outside the car greeting your fiancés parents. "Why hello (y/n), your exactly as the rumors said, completely gorgeous!"

You lightly chuckled while being extremely flustered "what not as elegant as you!" She simply thanked you and welcomed you in. She sat you and your parents at a dining table. Soon you heard murmurs and rapid footsteps. "Hello (y/n) im sorry for my late presence, my name is Jin nice to finally meet you fiancee." You nervously turned around to be greeted by a beautiful smile. Your jaw slightly dropped, he was gorgeous! His blond hair was absolutely stunning. You smiled and he blushed slightly. "Your prettier than i thought" he said softly.

"Oh!!! I almost forgot! Jin go call your younger brother he is taking so long! Your going to get along with him so well (y/n) he's around your age! He will be a great older brother towards you." You can hear Jin talking to a deep voiced man. You were quite excited to see how this guy looked. You were thinking of a young man with black hair like his mother. The man coughed quietly and began to talk. You swear your heart sunk. You were extremely confused... " hello, my name is Min Yoongi, its nice to meet y-" you turned to look at him tears in your eyes. " (y/n) ?!"

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