The Adam and Eve Resolution

Set in a post-apocalyptic world. Karen and Jane are hiding from soldiers in a half collapsed supermarket that may have been Waitrose but there's no telling now.

Hanis Apoca-king has taken over the world with his suburban army of soldiers. He's ruthless and searches for survivors of the apocalypse to make get rid of so that he can rule without rebelling.

Not many rebel camps are left. Barren landscapes and feral animals run amok. Its a world of fire. Cities perished from disease and starvation. Buildings collapsed.

Jane and her mother Karen, journey to the biggest rebel camp in the world, in Edinburgh, during the apocalypse, where they must battle against odds such as: the self appointed king of the Apocalypse, the Earth and Jane's own destiny.

Will she survive intact?

'Everything could stay the same or we could change it all,
Meet me on the Battlefield.'


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I doubted my mother could sleep amidst the continuous stench of the dead and rotten. I kind of wish I hadn't killed the bugger. He could have been tamed as a slave. I know, I know that sounds wrong. Its just there isn't really a way for you to survive with your morals intact.

I doubt that in the new world or age, whatever, people will know what words even mean, well morals.

I gather my strength to banish the sleepiness that has taken hold of me and I get to my feet. I hear a strange scratching sound outside the room, I push open the rotten door and fiver large wet grey rats scurry through. Gross. They head towards my feet and I proceed to kick each of them with my feet.

Those disgusting things could give me a disease. Or my mum. oh no. Grabbing my knife, I flick it open and stab at the rats, then with a freshly prepared rat kebab, after a few minutes of precision professional rat stabbing, I rub the results on the side of a wall outside a window and the grey lumps disappear from view.

I turn back to where my mum is. She stirs and her eyes open a little. Her blonde hair falls backwards a little.

"Did I hear something happen?"

"No mum nothing happened."

"Warn... if we get.. attacked. Promise?" Then she yawns and falls back asleep. I roll my eyes, duh, of course I'd wake her up. Nah. I could probably take on Hanis blindfolded so I'm sure she would be fine.

I walk to the wall across my mum and slide down the wall suddenly tired by the rat stabbing and the journey and the death and the running. Its like all the pain finally hits me from all angles, and I need aspirin, but aspirin is rare, so I can't have it. I gasp from the pain, trying not to wake my mum from her much needed sleep and I feel a tear make its way down my face.

Somedays I have these 'episodes' where I just breakdown and everything hurts. I hate this life, but I have to keep alive, for all those we lost and for mum. Everything's for mum. For a life without worries.

A life like when I was five, without a care in the world. When everything was alright, dad was alive and all my friends weren't in pieces on the ground.

The day when the horrors began, the year the crime rose to a horrifying level, the year 2020, I was ten years old.

It was the aftermath of ISIS, and people were trying to figure out what was going on, when underneath it all, Russia took over the middle east in its crisis, and the EU tried to combat it, when North Korea brought out air strikes on America, and from live news we began to watch our world fall apart.

It was unfair that the political wars of those who said they would protect us had to be worn in the scars on our backs. My dad went to war. And he didn't come back. For that I have no one to blame but myself.

  Mother was so broken, shattered, and only my eye could see. She tried to hold herself up and be strong for me. She had to be strong for herself.

But some days it wasn't enough. When I had gone to primary school for my first day of year five, it had been an okay day, it seemed alright from my perspective back then, now I look back, the year three teacher's movements had been robotic. And he sweated a lot. There were lessons on, I was supposed to be in class but I was doing some work for the caretaker with a couple other kids on the field behind the school, when I saw a light burst in one of the school windows, and then flame burst. There was a ringing in my ears. The window glass exploded onto the floor and the screams. I had run towards the building when another part of the building blew up and suddenly all of my school was in flames.

I heard a loud scream, then realised it was me. I screamed until my voice went hoarse. The kids around me hugged each other and cried.

Elisa Dawson, Carrie-Anne Hopkins, Suzie Nani and Michaela Dawson. All dead. Walking through the rubble of my once favourite place next to home, I found Elisa's pencil case by some ashes in people shapes and piles. And I remember nothing but silence, silence as my mum picked me up, tearing me from the scene, silence as we attended Carrie's funeral.


As I grew older, silence and solitude became my hive of safety, as less people knew who I was, that I existed, the less it would hurt me if they died.

From what I have learned over the years, love is more important than anything, even living.

That's why its so important to get to my aunt. I do this for dad, for my friends, for my mum.

The ground shakes, Mum isn't waking up. Not even after I shake her a few times. A crack appears in the ground.

"MUM!" I shout and then I realise that in addition to the fact the earth is shuddering, and releasing its waves against us, I can see the Jackets approach the building. I rush to the far window, Jackets. Oh no.

I drag my mum into the cupboard, she murmurs, but doesn't wake and I thank god for the fact she's in a deep enough sleep not to wake up. I then toss a couple of the bodies near her in order to make her smell and look more dead rather than alive, then I climb up a couple floors leaving a trail of blood I had in a bowl, from gutting a squirrel, earlier, it was a pasty kind of blood, not nice to touch, and it felt like jelly. I make dots and lines on the wall and then stash my stuff in the corner of a room, where the light doesn't hit too hard, so the room is pretty much covered by shadow.

Then I go down a couple flights of stairs to the second floor and as the Jackets enter the building, I swing myself out of the window, dropping to the ground, careful to keep my balance, because if I didn't I could easily break an wrist.

I hear someone behind me, so I turn. Big mistake. A tall boy wearing a light coloured jacket, a different type to the others, looks straight at me. Then I run.

I'm losing breath but I need to lead them away.

"Agh!" I yell loudly, faking pain. More footprints gather behind me. I pick up the pace, heading for a forest area which will allow me to catch my breath whilst running.

My shoulder jars as I hit a tree.

"Fuck!" I exclaim. It really hurt, I'm definitely going to have a bruise there. I run around some trees then suddenly not noticing a ravine, I slip on a twig and tumble down. I land at the bottom in so much pain. The jackets pass by me. I quickly pray to god then clamber to my feet and limp to the base of a tree when someone grabs my wrist and pulls me back against them. I hit a rock hard chest, and the bruises of my body ache even more. I growl under my breath.

"Shhhh." The guy whispers. I quickly step down on his foot as hard as possible then jab him with a quick elbow in his face. He groans. But he still doesn't let go, so I twist away from him then shove him backwards, as I turn I note that he is the lighter jacket one from before. He looks to be about my age, with darkish brown hair. I don't look longer because the longer I hesitate the more chance they have of finding me.

"Wench!" He yells after me as a run as fast as I can with a limp. Which in itself is a difficult task to accomplish.

I manage to make it to another clearing before I collapse from pain. I sink to the ground, cringing. I think my foot is broken. It hurts so much my muscles will barely move they are so tense. I quickly take my shoes off and my socks, looking at the bruising on my foot. Hearing crunches of twigs on the floor, I notice that I am now surrounded. The yellow of the jacket's almost is aglow in the dark. I ignore the fear that blossoms in my chest. I only focus on trying not to lose consciousness, by blocking out the feelings of anger and pain that rush to my senses.

"Well what do we have here?" The stupid jerk ass light jacket looks at me mockingly. He strolls around me.

"Obviously, I'm a girl in pain." I say sarcastically, so close to snapping. One of the yellow jackets nearest to me sniggers.

"I can see that.  I was making a simple statement that implies I have caught you. Wench." Light jacket says, clenching his jaw. It seems this man has a temper problem. I roll my eyes.

"No it just implies that you have bad eyesight." I state. A few more yellow jackets laugh.

"Stop laughing." He orders the yellow jackets. They laugh louder. I raise an eyebrow. "Listen here wench-"

"No you listen here -"

"How dare you interrupt-"

"You don't own me!"

"I doubt anyone would want to own you, much less be with you."

"I'm sure those whores make you sing a different tune."

"I don't spend my time with whores, aren't they you're kind."

"How rude, I thought chivalry was in this season!"

"It is just not for you." He looks triumphant.






"Horseface." I grit my teeth. This boy is outrageous.

"I refuse to reply to the likes of you!"

"Sounds to me like you already did!"

Then suddenly into the conversation one of the yellow jackets speaks up. "Sir I think we should set off and leave, before nightfall."

"Yes, that's true. Someone fetch some of the rope from the saddle bags and get this wench bound."

"RUDE!" I yell.

"And do something about her mouth, I don't want her annoying whining to distract me from making sense of the highness's directions."

"Yes sir."

"Nightmare! I will hurt you so bad when I-" They put a gag on my mouth with a solution that manages to knock me out.

Well, I suppose I am not invincible.

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