The Adam and Eve Resolution

Set in a post-apocalyptic world. Karen and Jane are hiding from soldiers in a half collapsed supermarket that may have been Waitrose but there's no telling now.

Hanis Apoca-king has taken over the world with his suburban army of soldiers. He's ruthless and searches for survivors of the apocalypse to make get rid of so that he can rule without rebelling.

Not many rebel camps are left. Barren landscapes and feral animals run amok. Its a world of fire. Cities perished from disease and starvation. Buildings collapsed.

Jane and her mother Karen, journey to the biggest rebel camp in the world, in Edinburgh, during the apocalypse, where they must battle against odds such as: the self appointed king of the Apocalypse, the Earth and Jane's own destiny.

Will she survive intact?

'Everything could stay the same or we could change it all,
Meet me on the Battlefield.'


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

We woke up to silence and darkness. There was only the sound of our own movements in the quiet. We navigated our hands to our torches keeping quiet, trying not to be loud in case of running into the Jackets or another group.

Other groups of humans tend to be aggressive, it is as if they have gone as feral as the animals. It is unusual to come across people with their sanity in tact, unless they are a rebel or a part of Hanis's army.

The only reason I haven't yet gone insane, was because of my mother, and our important mission of survival. We had already seen people suffer from insanity, tearing their hair out, and more animalistic, pursuing desires as if the whole world is a first world country.

My mum gathers our things, packing the tartan blankets back into the small knapsacks, and tidying up as best she could, so it looked as if we were never here. I rub my hand where a scar from yesterday's climbing escapades on the iron bars lay, it hurt a little, sore enough to resonate like an annoying fly but otherwise it wasn't noticeable by my nervous system.

Mum swung the knapsack over her shoulder and strapped it around her waist. I made sure my small guns were strapped to my waistband of my jeans and then I retied my shoelace.

Mum signals to me, as she scouts ahead, to follow behind her quietly. She taps with her foot along the floor, testing it's weight. The thing is we needed to find another window, because the worst thing to do in a collapsed building is to go downstairs. You could get crushed in a earthquake. Or get trapped in the case of a flood.

There's a cracked window at the end of a hall, all the doors are rotten and the floor is littered with vines and pieces of rock. I rush over to it, my feet making heavy thuds along the floor. Mum shushes me, her face pales in panic. I smash the window with the end of a rock, which I pick up off the floor, it's weighted, and the glass breaks after three hits. Mum slaps me on the arm.

"We'll talk about this later." She says with a glare. I roll my eyes and look at the drop, surprisingly we are only four floors away from the ground. We'd have to climb down, fast in case the Jackets come back. If we jump we would be at risk of breaking an arm or a leg. To break a bone is dangerous because its most unlikely that you will last with the elements costing lives.

Also, when there is barely any doctors or medicinal items around, it is likely you will get an infection. The only way, is an unsafe way, of binding the arm or leg and walking with a piece of wood taped to it to make sure that the bone grows back correctly.

Mum reaches and holds onto a partial ledge of a brick that's sticking out and then following her I place my hand on the same one she placed hers on. We carefully move, foot by foot. Trying not to slip.

As I reach the third floor my mum picks up the pace.

"Is it starting?" I ask my mum, in a medium tone, so she can hear despite the worry of the Jackets looming over us.

"Soon." Every couple of months a smaller earthquake will hit the UK. if its bigger, you'll feel it throughout every building. Sometimes the epicentre is in the sea so there will also be a tsunami accompanying it, when that happens you'll not want to be out in the open, and you'll want to be on a mountain or a hill for the height. Earthquakes usually just destroy buildings and tsunami's take them out to sea or to the coastal lines, there is always masses of deposition everywhere. Its dangerous to be near or walk over.

I pick up speed and from the second floor window I jump down. Mum checks that I am okay and we stealthily walk towards the car. We walk a few blocks, the Jackets aren't anywhere to be seen so hopefully they've moved on. Mum has the keys, and she unlocks the car, we get in and I let out a breath.

"Put your seatbelt on." She says.

"Yes sir." I fake salute. Quickly putting my seatbelt, I put my mum's in, then get the map out.

"We should keep going north." I tell my mum. She nods and starts the engine. We take the back roads because they're less littered with rusted old cars and skeletons than the main roads.

We take Saxon street north then make a right down monk's way for a while until it meets at a roundabout with the first turning on the left which is Brickhill Street.

"Take the linford lane to little linford, Mum."

"Ok." she makes the turning.

"How low is the fuel bar?" I ask.

"It's fine for a couple more hours."

"If you're okay."


I search for where we are on the map again and mark it with a pen. The pen is green and I find it in the coffee cup space by the broken radio. It says Greenpeace on the side. I suppose Greenpeace would be happy for how the Earth is finally fighting back. No more suppressing the waves with rock groynes, that's for sure.

"Where now?" She asks me.

"Take the high street to the B526."

"Yeah okay."


We make a fuel stop in Horton. Then we get back in the car, having a food break in Hackleton and then we make a right on Newport Pagnell road to The Green down to Great Houghton. From Great Houghton, we take the A428 taking the right which lands us on the A45 which we drive straight, navigating around some crashed cars, which takes us to a roundabout where we take the first turning on the left which is the A509.

"How much longer?"

"Just until we find a town that's not covered in ash."

"That's pretty much every town around here."

"We have got to keep moving."

"Ugh." Ever since the supervolcano under Yellowstone park exploded, most of Europe and some of Asia and about half of the united states of America got covered in about three feet of ash.
It's not the best places to be near or breathe in, because of the heavy fog that used to cover the area. That's why we shut all of the windows and hold our scarves over our mouths. My pink wool scarf gets stuck in my light ginger hair and I shake it out whilst holding my breath.

We change roads to the A14 because it's easier with a compass than a map on main roads. And the map is really hard to read. I have crappy eyesight so I find it really hard to read the map. My mum is the only one of us who can drive, she tried teaching me but I'm not very good at it.

We end up in the village of Stragglethorpe in Nottingham city. It wasn't the best place to be in, but anyway, we carefully pulled the car into some bushes, so that it was covered and then we went into a building. We broke the door into a shopping mall down, several skeletons were lying in a Tesco Express outlet. So we headed up into a small office block and set up camp when my mum said she could hear a banging of something against a door. A rotten egg smell lingers around the shopping centre.

Mum walked in the direction of the sound that she could hear, it was coming from behind what looked to be a storage cupboard.

"Stay back for a second. Make sure no one is coming." I look around and turn my torch on as it begins to get dark outside.

"Okay." I say nodding.

Mum lifts her torch and breaks the cupboard door open, a small child maybe about eleven years old runs at us screaming. I jump back in fright. The kid careers around almost knocking us over. Mum pushes me back.

"How long have you been here?" Mum shines the torch at the kid. It goes and mutters against the wall then turns around slowly and smiles at Mum. Whilst Mum tries to talk to the kid I go to the cupboard and look inside. There are three bodies, their faces stretched and gaunt, in a moment of pain. Parts of their bodies are missing and I scavenge amongst their bodies, holding my scarf over my nose and mouth because they smell really bad. Like seriously, I've never smelt anything this bad. Its like puke, crossed with the smell of a bad poo when someone has eaten curry and sulphur. Really strong sulphur. Its gross. I swallow back some rising sick in my throat and come across a stab wound in the lower back of one of the bodies. The other two have defence wounds on their arms and look as if someone has repeatedly bashed them with something heavy. Wait, why is that kid alive if this happened?

Oh no.

"Mum!" I say spinning around one-eighty degrees and walking towards the room. Mum sits while the kid is on the floor and appears to be unconscious, his hands splayed out, his white blond hair, matted with sweat and blood. Mum looks to me, a piece of chair metal in her hand. I look at her confused.

"What? He came at me, I had to." She said. "I tried to talk to him, he didn't listen, or more wouldn't listen, it's like the insane ones are just so out of it they have no humanity left. Its really sad. All I saw in that boy's eyes was a hunger and a need to eat. He looked ill. I think he's hungry."

"Mum, I wasn't confused about that. Why didn't you kill it?" I say.

"Because that's immoral."

"You're talking about morals? Look around you. Not even the Earth has morals." I say annoyed.

"Well, the great guy up in heaven has something to say about your attitude, young miss. Why do you want to kill him anyway?"

"He killed and ate like three people. Their bodies are in the cupboard. What if he wakes up?"

"If. If he wakes up we'll just knock him out again. And tie him up."

"No, you'll knock him out. I will shoot that fucker in the head."


"Nope." I look around for the boy but he's gone and then I see two eyes glinting in the shadows by the cupboard. "Oh shit." I curse under my breath. Mum tosses the metal stick up in her hand, gripping it by one end. She flips it and rolls her shoulders. I get in my fighting stance, but before I can grab my gun that biter runs at me and I slap him backwards with the back of my right hand. He kicks out at me and I find myself in close combat with a eleven year old.

I fall back with the pain of a bruise forming on my thigh.

"Fuck me." I elbow the kid in the face and then start with some relentless punches to his body and face.

"Be careful with him!" Mum shouts which makes me hesitate and the little fucker shoulder barges me into the floor and the wind is knocked out of me. I hold him back with one hand, I barely manage to get up with his body pressure threatening to make me lose my balance again.

"Can you get a clear swipe?" I ask and push the kid backwards with both of my hands. He falls back against the wall. I breathe in and out thinking the kid is unconscious. Then he starts to get up. My hand goes to my gun straight away however, Mum is suddenly in front of me and she swings the metal stick into his head with a resounding clunk and bam, the kid is laying on the floor.

"A Thankyou would be nice." She says to me. I roll my eyes.

"I don't do thankyous. Besides the little bitch will get back up again. So mum you might want to leave."

"No you don't you are my daughter. Not a killer."

"Everyone's a killer, besides this is supposed to be exctinction right? So i'm just helping nature on a bit." I take my gun out and mum moves in front of me.

"Get out of the way." I say to her.

"If you do that I won't talk to you for a while."

"He has killed. I'm going to stop him from doing harm mother." She glares at me.

"I'm not going to tell you again, put the gun down."

"I already said that's not going to happen." She bites her lip then backs down out of the way. "Thankyou."

Then I lift the kids unconscious head and lift my Glock G43 pistol aiming for the head. Mum leaves the room.

I let go of the trigger, the silencer on the end of the gun makes the shot quieter. Which i'm thankful for. I put the gun back in my second holster and get to my feet, dropping the kid's body on the ground. Then I drag him by the feet back into the cupboard and shut the doors. Then I go outside the room to my mum.

"Don't worry, its all going to be okay." I try to reassure her.

"You're foraging for food in the morning." She looks away and sets up the gear and starts to go to sleep.

"Ok I'll take first watch." I mutter. Great.

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