The Adam and Eve Resolution

Set in a post-apocalyptic world. Karen and Jane are hiding from soldiers in a half collapsed supermarket that may have been Waitrose but there's no telling now.

Hanis Apoca-king has taken over the world with his suburban army of soldiers. He's ruthless and searches for survivors of the apocalypse to make get rid of so that he can rule without rebelling.

Not many rebel camps are left. Barren landscapes and feral animals run amok. Its a world of fire. Cities perished from disease and starvation. Buildings collapsed.

Jane and her mother Karen, journey to the biggest rebel camp in the world, in Edinburgh, during the apocalypse, where they must battle against odds such as: the self appointed king of the Apocalypse, the Earth and Jane's own destiny.

Will she survive intact?

'Everything could stay the same or we could change it all,
Meet me on the Battlefield.'


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

It had been days, surviving on rations of water and porridge, water and porridge. The occasional oat bar could be foraged from houses if we could look hard enough. Mum and I had come this far from Kent up to Woking in Surrey, that's where Kim, Dave and Julian said goodbye. It was sad, but they helped us find fuel and back again, we were on the road to Milton Keynes.  Dressed in dungarees and a dirtied Christmas jumper that ran out of batteries within the first year, I kick my feet up on the dashboard of our ford fiesta. A much older model. Cars are rare these days, so its precious to come across one. It was a four hour drive so I was pretty bored, I looked at the countryside and sang to myself. Old renditions of Kings Of Leon songs lost to the past.

Mum has owned Miriam since as long as I can remember, she used to drive me to and from nursery In this little white car. We thank the fates for having given us enough miles to last until we are in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh wasn't our original destination, we were supposed to go to Sutton-on-Sea but when we got word that the town was completely collapsed into the sea, we chose to go to Edinburgh, besides there's wind of a rebel camp up there and we don't want to hide anymore. Its more likely the soldiers will find us anyway.

The Apoca-King, rules the south west of England and sends his patrols everywhere. Those people with their clubs and their Karrimor high visability jackets. You can see them from a mile off, and that's good so you can get away, but they usually don't give you enough time. You see, they're very, whats the word. Fast.   

"Jane! Jay! Jane!!" A voice broke my thoughts and I turn my head to my mum. She pushes my feet off the dashboard and signals to go search around the left side of a rundown building. It looked to have originally been quite tall but it had collapsed into the building to the right of it and there were vines climbing everywhere. Pieces of debris were everywhere. One nudged my foot and I almost tripped. I looked up as my mum said shhhhh.

She ducked into the building. Then I saw the jackets. I ran as quiet as possible and slipped into the building she went into.

"Mum! Wait up!" I whisper shout.

She turns a corner and ascends two staircases. I follow. We go into an old shop and hide in a store room cabinet. We lock it up and look around for something that we can use, the nearest thing to me is a box of rotten milk. It gives off a bad smell, we have to get out of here otherwise we'll be spotted. There's a smallish window on the farthest wall but there is a large grey metal shelf blocking the way. We struggle pushing it.

"I don't think its going to work." I whisper to my mum.

"We can do this." She says back, in a quiet voice. The shelf suddenly moves scraping against the grey patchy carpet, then suddenly we hear shouts.

"Oh my god they're so close." I say worried and quietly.

"Shhhhhh." Mum puts a finger to her lips. She levers the window upwards with her fingers and ushers me out first.

"That drop is far. I think I'm going to be sick." I grip onto the white stone ledge and hoist myself over. I pull myself onto the upper floor's balcony and sit on the edge. My mum quickly scales the wall to where I am.

 "We need to get to the next building, they won't dare follow us."

"How are we going to do that? It's risky enough, the building is practically collapsing on itself."

Mum looks at me.


"Yes. We climb."

"Holy shit." I look up at the bending concrete and iron that my mum wants us to climb. But I guess she'll know best. She did give birth to me in this world. I grew up around the Simpsons and Futurama. She grew up around abusive homes and alcoholism.

She can survive better than anyone I've ever known and I've known few people, mainly because of this apocalypse.

The ground shudders, sending vibrations through the building, through my bones and I  climb up over sticking out bricks. My mum was not far behind me, her breaths quiet. We had to keep quiet, so they wouldn't find us.

My foot slips and I let out a gasp. Fuck I think. I swing my arm onto the side of the building and pull myself up onto the panes, the glass was thin and I was surprised it survived when the building collapsed. I lunge for the second pane, using it as a bar, like a monkey bar and I swing myself up to the next bar, pushing my feet through and balancing my thighs on the bar so that I can let go of the first one.

My mum climbs onto the one behind me and crouches on it.

"We need to climb left, into the collapsed building."

"I noticed." I pull myself up onto the fourth along bar and crouch like my mum.

"Be careful."

"You too."

We carefully crawl along the flat iron bars to where the building connects with the other more collapsed building and we switch our torches on, they are solar powered torches we gained from a lab in London about a half a year ago. They work really well, and the battery should be charged up enough by now, and it is beginning to get lighter so it will be a lot easier to navigate eventually.

The light illuminates our path as we jump down onto a concrete floor. Mum walks me to the level below and we check the floor for feral animals and fungus. Late april three years ago, Mum's best friend Martyn got bitten by a dog and his arm had to be cut off, we only had an axe so it was pretty messy, and disgusting. He exactly a year later from falling out a window. Mum was pretty sad when it happened. I say, whatever happens, happens for a reason, there is something other than us that controls this world, the fates or god or whatever, but this life, it's all bigger than just us.

Mum sets up camp on the second floor in what looks to be the old safe room. The door is old and creaky so we leave shut it carefully. Then we get under our blanket.

"Everything will be okay once we get to Edinburgh."

"I know. I know, mum." She kisses my forehead and we turn off our torches to conserve battery and fall asleep.

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