What Did I Fall In Love With ?

Hi my name is Amanda, I will be telling you what no others think of me .. the book is about a girl and a boy who think they are in love well she falls head over hells for him and so dose he , little dose Amanda know that he likes his women to be like a sex slave what they do next we will have to see ....


2. Why did you do this to me

.  Well if you are reading this then you must want to know what is going to happen next.  Well this morning I was playing on my phone because I was suppose to go with that boy Tuysun tonight to hang out or whatever but dame right he was sexy but if he was trying to get into my pants I would not mind because thos dick pics look good asf big chocolate dick I could not wait  . My boyfriend was texting me  I asked him if he wanted to come over for a little bit and hang out I already knew he was losing interest in me but that's ok because I'm over him he hits me and controls me and tells me where I can and canot go and I do not like a man like that so me and my mom whent to go pick him up and he got in the car and seid  hey to my mom I like the way he was when I meant him we would go skating and stuff but that dount matter we go to the house mom seid for us to have fun so that is I was going to me and him had sex and cuddle than mom took him home ... hours pass by and 9:00 came he was going to get me at 11:00 nearer a church so we do be seen because of his age and other stuff  knew he was in a relationship but yah I think he thought I did not now but he did and also he made a new Facebook so no one would find us talking but yah any ways the time came I snuck out the window and ran to the end of the road and neared the church at the stop light and he pulled up and I got in and he pulled me closes and we started to kiss it was like not there omg he was so skinny but so fine and his twin to like lol and he kissed me really deep and put his hands between my legs and he told me that we where going to get a hotel.....


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