What Did I Fall In Love With ?

Hi my name is Amanda, I will be telling you what no others think of me .. the book is about a girl and a boy who think they are in love well she falls head over hells for him and so dose he , little dose Amanda know that he likes his women to be like a sex slave what they do next we will have to see ....


1. Whats there to know .


Hey my name is Angel I'm not just your tipical teen girl every day ,or at least I think I am.  I live with my mom and step dad , I have 6 brothers and sisters in all. I'm from new yourk and ill be 16 this summer . The reson I am writing this is because I want to tell you, that every love story is not perfect or have a good happy Ending all the time .... YOU are about to walk straight into my love life ,so what ever divice your reading this on grab some popcorn stay awhile   ... you dount know whats to come next ..                                                                              

   So I guesse if you are reading this you want to here whats going one. Nice one you picked the right girl . I love to take photo because I have a nice body my moms says I act to big and look to mature for my age, I belive her because that Is how I lead an older guy to think I'm older .. well it was a fall night just right after my birthday  a guy hit me up and asked me if I needed a dj for my party little did he know I was only 14 at the time and he is 31 he would go to jail and so would I said (no thank you I'm teraning 16 its only me celebrating it but that was nice of you ) he said (well that's ok you are really  pretty) I asked him his age he was only 21, but did you think I was to care no I did not know what love was or at leaset I do to this know I do. I told my self I caint be a vergine forever .. I layed in my bed put my phone on the bed and took a shower  I looked at my self and asked why was I so ugly why dose no one like me at school they see me as a bad person but I'm not I just get used and let dowen easy that's all it is . I took the sponge as I rubed my body to clean it all over me it felt so good when the hot water would come dowen and hit my body..  I finally got dressed and went to sleep.    

the next day I woke up got dressed and went to eat breakfast mom asked me how my night was I seid good it was peacefull she giggled I had a buger on my cheek lol   and no if you are thinking I where make up no I'm not type ov girl because I'm not all girly at all. I look at my phone and the dj his name is tysen he had texted my phone good morning I said morning bake I started to like him but I was not supouse to because he is to old at the end of the day he had asked if I wanted to hand out I told him idk yet because I would have to sneek out I have never did this before .. I told him to let me think about it and so i did I was ganna do it but I do not k now when I was going to do this whenever he wanted to I know  I have to be awre so he dose not kidnap me at all or sum or force me to have sex well I wanted that any way so yah....

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