Resisting Change

"You think I'm going to change so easy for you? You can hope all you want, but it won't happen."

"Everyone changes for me eventually. Some just take longer than others."


At Rosewood High there are several stereotypical teenagers. There are the girls who are beautiful and well known. Boys who are handsome and definitely players. Then you have the shy girls and the shy boys that no one but the teachers knew.

Meet 17 year old Rose Bunk. She's a good girl. Always does her work and aces her classes. She doesn't get in fights. She doesn't argue with her fellow classmates or her teachers. She's just invisible and wants to stay that way.

Meet 18 year old Shane Kraston. He's anything but good. He rarely does his work and fails most classes. He gets in fights. He argues with his fellow classmates and his teachers. He's very well known and wants to stay that way.

They wanted nothing to do with each other before this. In fact, Shane didn't even know that Rose existed. Rose and Shane's worlds collide when they find out that their parents know each other. Their worlds collide even more when they're told that they are to be married as soon as high school finishes.

Maybe Shane will finally have someone to calm his bad boy nature and Rose might finally have someone to teach her how to have some fun. But then again both of them could be even more broken than before.


6. 5

Rose's POV

I woke up with the sun shining in my face so I hid my face in my pillow. It was a really hard pillow. And it smelled good. Like... "Shane!" I yelled at him while pushing him away.

But just because I pushed him doesn't mean he woke up. From what I remember we didn't even fall asleep next to each other.


"I'm so tired," I whined.

"Then go to sleep," Shane sighed.

We were sitting in my bed far away from each other. When we finally settled down we had decided to watch Netflix but we sat as far away from each other as possible.

"Don't watch me like a creep though. And don't take any more pictures either," I glared at him and later down the rest of the way in my side.

He got up to turned the lights off before laying back down in his side.

"Goodnight, Rosalind," he whispered.

"Goodnight, Shane," I whispered back.

*End of Flashback*

I can't believe he rolled over to me in his sleep. And he wouldn't let go of me. Although, I must admit, he is pretty comfy.

"Mmmm," he moaned in his sleep.

"Wake up sleepy head," I shook him again.

"Shut up," he moaned, rubbing his eyes.

All I did was roll my eyes. He still wouldn't let me go. I squirmed for a few minutes before he finally said something.

"Stop moving around," he whispered and I stilled.

"Why?" I moved a little more.

"Because I want to savor this. It feels so right," he whispered.

And it did. So I stopped moving. After a few more minutes I slowly moved closer and laid my head in the crook of his neck and my hand on his clothed chest. I could feel his heart beat and every time I moved a little it got a bit faster. He had one arm around my waist and the other he had moved up to my knotted hair to run his fingers through it.

"We need to get up," I whispered in his ear. I felt him shiver underneath me.

"I know," he whispered back but neither of us moved.

After 10 more minutes of just laying there I pushed my self up to look at him. We looked in each other's eyes for what felt like forever but was really only a few seconds. He started leaning up and I was moving down. Our lips were centimeters apart.

"Rose, Shane, you've got to get up, Rose has dance," mom's voice came through my bedroom door while she knocked a few times.

We pulled away from each other in a snap and I yelled out, "yeah we'll be out in a minute!"

I heard her footsteps as she walked down the hall to Lilly's room. You could feel the tension in the room.

"I'm gonna go get ready," I rolled off the bed and jogged to my closet.

I had dance again today. I was going to do the duet with a new person. I wonder who it was? After picking out my dance outfit I went to the bathroom and changed. Then I pulled my hair up in a high pony and swiped on a bit of mascara. I never wore anything but mascara to dance because it would all come off from the sweat on my face eventually.

When I walked back out to my bedroom I found Shane changing. He was mostly dressed, he just didn't have a shirt on. And boy did he look good. He had a six pack and he was obviously working on eight.

He looked up and smirked when he looked at my face, "Take a picture it'll last longer."

I glared at him for repeating my words from yesterday, "Not everyone is a butt crack who actually takes the pictures."

He chuckled at my words. He thought it was funny how I didn't cuss but I didn't. Those dirty words bring back awful memories that I'm not willing to repeat just yet. Only my parents know.

"You can't wear that," he said to me, looking me up and down.

I was in my spandex and a sports bra with a loose tank over it. It's what I always wear to dance.

"Says who?" I snorted.

"Says me." He fired back at me.

"You can't tell me what I can and can't wear. And besides, this is what I always wear. Sometimes less," I rolled my eyes and gathered my bag and everything I might need today.

"Yeah but this time you're dancing with a guy. You're mine. He can't look at you like that," he growled as he watched me move around the room.

"We've been over this, Shane," I gave him a sharp look, "I'm no ones."

"We've been over this, Rosalind," he gave me a sharp look, "You're going to be my wife, therefore, you're mine."

"Whatever you possessive jerk. Think whatever you want but it won't change the truth. Yes I'll be your wife in less than a year but that doesn't mean you own me," I opened my door and looked back to find him right behind me.

He shut the door and turned me around to face him, "You'll forget that soon enough. You'll forget everything soon. You'll want to be exactly who I want you to be."

"You think I'm going to change so easy for you? You can hope all you want, but it won't happen," I stuck my nose up in the air trying to make myself look more crave than I actually am.

"Everyone changes for me eventually. Some just take longer than others."


I was trying to work in the dance while I waited for my partner but my thoughts just kept drifting to Shane.

He said that everyone changed for him and that some take longer than others. Has he ever gotten a girl to change for him before? Probably. But that doesn't matter because I love who I am. And I won't change for anyone. Not even him.

"Hi, I'm Daniel. Most people call me Danny, though," a black haired boy walked in.

"I'm Rose," I stood up from where I was sitting and walked over to him, "Follow me and I'll show you where you can change and put your stuff."

"Lead the way," he said as I walked to the locker rooms. We would have to share one since we had this studio for as long as we needed and every studio had its own locker room.

I opened the squeaky door to the room and walked to where my stuff is.

"It's not very big and we have to share it but at least we won't have other people coming in and bothering us," I said.

"Very very true. So have you started on it?" He asked, sitting his bag down and taking off his shoes to change them.

"I've got the first verse done but I don't know what to do next," I sat next to him.

"And that's where I come in. Show me what you have so far and I'll work from there," he got up and held his hand out to me.

I got up without taking his hand. I was only sitting on a bench so I could definitely get up on my own. I had a feeling he would let go of my hand if I took his.

I walked past him and grabbed my notebook to assist me in teaching him what I have so far.


"And down, roll, lift, legs," Danny yelled over the music.

We had finished the dance about twenty minutes ago, we were just cleaning it up. After all the time we've spent together I learned that he was new to this town, he's 17, and he'll be going to my school. It was now 6:30 pm and Shane would be here soon to pick me up.

"That was good!" He picked me up from the floor where my ending pose was.

He had his arms around my waist and mine were around his neck. He was spinning me around while holding me. We were both laughing like crazy.

"What the hell is going on?!" Shane's voice came right after we heard the door open.

Danny unwrapped his arms from me to stand next to me. I stayed as calm as I could because I wasn't doing anything wrong. Shane stopped a few feet from us and Danny went stiff.

"Nothing. We were just hugging," I said.

Shane crossed his arms over his chest, "Why?"

"Because we just finished a dance and we were excited," I said in a "duh" tone.

"You're mine. No other guys should be touching you," he growled looking at Danny.

"Excuse you? I thought we went over this. I'm my own person. And you can't tell me who I can and can't hang out with. This dance means the world to me and you can't take it away from me," I got up in his face.

"You wanna fucking bet? I have control over you," he got even closer.

I flinched at that word, you know, the cuss word, "You have no control over me."

"Uhh.. I'm gonna go," Danny said backing up to the door.

"Yeah you do that, asshole," Shane yelled.

"Hey! You watch your mouth right now. Danny, I'll see you tomorrow after school," I said the first part rough since it was to Shane and the last part softly to Danny.

"You won't see him tomorrow. You won't see him ever," Shane growled lowly.

"We have to for our dance," I said back.

"I don't care. You can do a solo," he told me.

Who does he think he is? Telling me what I can and can't do. I'll show him.

"Get out," I growled and pointed to the door.

"No," He snapped.

"Get. Out," I said.

He just stood there staring at me. I can't believe I thought he was changing. This morning he said he would change me. But I'm not going to. I'll stay exactly the way I am and if he can't accept it, he's going to have a rough future. I guess the same goes for me. I have to accept him, too, but not when he's being like this.

"GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!" I screamed pushing him out of the room, "AND DON'T COME BACK!"

I pulled at my hair and walked around the room breathing heavily. He thinks he can control me. Well he can't. I screamed and kicked a wall instantly regretting it. I whimpered in pain and fell to the ground.

"Rose? Rose!" Lindsey came running through the door, "Oh my gosh, are you ok?"

"No," I cried.

She knelt down next to me and felt around my foot listening to me whimper with every touch.

"I'm so sorry, Rose. I think it's broken."


Hey guys, sorry it's such a late update I've had a long week. I'm going to start updating once a week. Tell me what you guys think 💗


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