Resisting Change

"You think I'm going to change so easy for you? You can hope all you want, but it won't happen."

"Everyone changes for me eventually. Some just take longer than others."


At Rosewood High there are several stereotypical teenagers. There are the girls who are beautiful and well known. Boys who are handsome and definitely players. Then you have the shy girls and the shy boys that no one but the teachers knew.

Meet 17 year old Rose Bunk. She's a good girl. Always does her work and aces her classes. She doesn't get in fights. She doesn't argue with her fellow classmates or her teachers. She's just invisible and wants to stay that way.

Meet 18 year old Shane Kraston. He's anything but good. He rarely does his work and fails most classes. He gets in fights. He argues with his fellow classmates and his teachers. He's very well known and wants to stay that way.

They wanted nothing to do with each other before this. In fact, Shane didn't even know that Rose existed. Rose and Shane's worlds collide when they find out that their parents know each other. Their worlds collide even more when they're told that they are to be married as soon as high school finishes.

Maybe Shane will finally have someone to calm his bad boy nature and Rose might finally have someone to teach her how to have some fun. But then again both of them could be even more broken than before.


2. 1

"5 6 7 8," my dance teacher, Lindsey, yelled over the loud music.

I was practicing my solo for competition. The song wrecking ball was drilled into my brain and so were the moves I was supposed to do.

Suddenly the music stopped.

"Point your toe. Do it again," she started the music back up.

I've been practicing since I got out of school today with only a few five minute breaks. I'm 17 and have been dancing since I was two. I know what you're thinking. If you've been dancing for fifteen years, why does your teacher have to tell you to point your toe?

You try dancing from 3 pm to 11pm non-stop. You'd forget to point your freaking toe too.

"Okay I think I've worked you too hard today. Go home, get some rest, and come back tomorrow," Lindsey said cutting the music again.

"No, I can do it," I insisted.

"You heard me, honey. Go home," she wiped the sweat off of my freckle covered face with a white towel.

"But I have to get it right by this weekend. If I don't, then I won't win," I grabbed my purple water bottle and took a quick sip.

"It's late. You can come back after school tomorrow," she told me.

"Fine," I huffed, "See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow Ro," Lindsey called me by the nickname she gave me when I was two.

I slipped on my jacket and walked out into the cold with my dance bag in hand. It's October and getting colder day by day. That's okay though, winter is my favorite season.

I got in my red Lamborghini and started it. My parents are pretty rich. My dad has a job at as a music producer and my mom is a fashion designer.

On the drive home I sang every song that came on the radio. My dad has pushed me to sing as much as I could since I was seven. He wants me to become a singer one day and I guess I kind of want it too but I want to dance as well. I've just started writing songs and I've recorded a couple. As soon as my first album is mostly done we're releasing songs for the world to hear one by one.

I got home and parked my car in the six car garage. Walking in the door that was attached to my house, I noticed that my mom was still up talking on the phone in the kitchen.

"She just walked in, I'll have to call you back later," she whispered when she didn't think I could hear her.

"Hey momma," I said as she put her phone in the pocket of her sweat pants.

"Hey baby girl. Did you get your dance perfected?" She hugged me tight.

She seemed a little uneasy. I wonder who she was in the phone with and why she wouldn't be able to talk to them while I was around.

I hugged her back and could smell her vanilla scented shampoo, "Almost."

"That's good," she rubbed my arms up and down.

"Is Lilly in bed?" I asked, looking up the staircase.

Lilly was my five year old sister. She looked up to me and was a complete princess. Most people think that it would suck to have a younger sibling but she makes me so happy.

"Yes. She was hoping that you would come home early and kiss her goodnight," she looked at the stove, "But it's okay. I told her that you'll see her in the morning. Are you hungry?"

"Starving," I giggled. I was a bottomless pit when it came to food.

"I figured you would be. I made you some macaroni. It's on the stove so help yourself. I'm going to go to bed. Love you," she kissed my cheek and hurried up the carpeted staircase.

"Love you too," I called up to her quietly so I wouldn't wake Lilly.

I grabbed a bowl and a fork while thinking more about who she could have been talking to. I couldn't come up with anything.

I was dreading school tomorrow. I'm one of those kids that no one talks to. Except my best friend. Well, more like my only friend. His name is Tyler and we've been friends since he moved to Chicago in 5th grade. We're seniors now.

Now don't get me wrong. I may not have many friends, but that doesn't mean that I get bullied. I'm more like an invisible person actually. I mean there are those few people that pick on me a bit but it's really only the teachers who notice me.

I know that your stereotyping me and thinking that since I'm a rich kid I'm popular and a bully and get horrible grades in school, but it's just the opposite. I seem like I'm really open about who I am but I'm not. No one knows that I'm rich besides Tyler because no one knows me.

After I finish eating I run upstairs and plop down in my comfy queen sized bed, not even bothering to change into my PJs. My dance clothes are comfy enough. Reaching over to my nightstand, I plug in my phone. I fall asleep not long after I cover myself up.


I know that this wasn't very long but it's just the first chapter. I just wanted to kind of introduce the story before I got into longer chapters.

Comment and let me know what you think of chapter one. I love hearing from you.

Thanks guys💗


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