Crimnson Fate

It had been foretold by ancient Prophecy that a great evil force, birthed by a hero would come forth and bring to life destruction and misery. That evil force came to life not long after the prophecy had been made. The dangers that came with this force were not only deadly, but hell breaking and full of chaos. The wizard Algorous the Second brought fear into all living beings, causing them to unite into three separate cities, known as the Cities of Isolation. These cities are protected by a barrier that is promised to deflect any attack from the enemy and only those that do not bear the mark of Algorous would enter. For over 500 years, these cities had been utilized by civilians who had survived the terror and sought refuge.
Time is running out, and it will not be long until Algorous gains the power to break the barriers and conguer all living thing for good. But not all hope is lost, for it was also foretold that a militia of hope would rebell against the tyranny.


1. The Beginning of the End

         My paws hurt. I had been traveling for days across mountains, rivers, deserts and swamps. Seeing my distance from the forest to my destination, I must be nearby. The night sky was clouded and the air was humid. It was going to rain soon. That was a good sign; the High Spirits must have acknowledged our prayers for this. The trees had began to turn dull and the creaks had been dry.

        I began to slow down as I suddenly felt a disturbance. I looked at the sky and spotted a glowing figure shooting past the clouds as if it were a shooting star. At first, I thought it was another fallen spirit until I was able to make out the figure; it had wings of a dragon. My ears pricked up as more and more began to appear. I could not believe my eyes. I had been told long ago that there were such figures that flew across the sky to aid the villages in need. Not only that, but these warriors, also called Assassins, were strong, skilled and powerful. They had their own powers and created their own legends. These figures were in an alliance group called the Assembly.

         I had always thought that these stories were all a myth. I would only believe them if I saw them myself. As a Messenger, I tend to see many things out of the ordinary. But this, however, was a hope lifter. After all these years of living in chaos, there is finally hope. the stories are true after all; the assembly has come to save us.

        I watched until the glowing figures faded and continued to run. I had to deliver the original message and the message of the Assembly.

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