Six years ago, former model Catherine Grace Belyakova dedicated her life to re-shaping the modeling industry through a project known as the Olympian Project, a label that houses twelve of what are promised to be the most talented and revolutionary figures in Hollywood.

Now known only by their Godly nicknames, these eager celebrities are trying to take the world by storm before they're marked as one-hit wonders.

Intelligent, charming, and hungry for a chance to prove their worth, they're determined to make their boss proud, but at what cost?




Six years prior...


"What can you tell us about the Olympus Project?"

Catherine Grace smiles brightly at the talk show host as she sips jasmine tea. Sitting back, she watches as the overhead screens transition between various online articles concerning her latest Hollywood venture.

"Well," Catherine begins, setting down her mug. "If I can sum it up in one word, it would be ingenious. Ever since my retirement from the modeling industry, I've been working here and there with various companies, casually studying the marketing tactics of different labels and so forth, and it's disappointing to say that none are proving to be beneficial for the model of the company itself."

The audience mumurs in a mix of exaggerated shock at this statement.

"How so?" The talk show asks. "Isn't the job of a modeling company to simply find opportunities for its employees?"

"Indeed," Catherine continues."All modeling companies focus on are finding shows and shoots for their models, and though that's typical, I believe that the models who have more to offer should branch out beyond just getting signed as the face of a fashion company, which is to say, limited."

"Is this the basis of the Olympus Project?" The talk show host inquired. "To give models with less opportunities a chance to shine?"

"Precisely," Catherine beamed. "The Olympus Project aims to promote models who excel at more than walking and posing. We want to  hand-pick talents in artistic and scientific fields with the hopes of giving them an opportunity to present their skills and to replace the 'dim-witted' stereotypes that plague the industry."

The audience broke out in awed applause and cheer at this. Catherine pleasantly sat back and tried to look a bit more humble than she felt. 

"Wow, how amazing!" The talk show host gasped in wonder. "I'd have expected nothing less from you, Catherine Grace!"

"I'm not drawn towards hobbyists," Catherine announced, proud. "Only the most promising in their fields, or rather, the Olympian equivalent of their peers, are who I aspire to sign. My plan is to train potential candidates to become not only familiar faces in the media, but people who will make a difference in the near future."

The audience awed at this speech, facscinated by the promise of celebrities that weren't simply cookie-cutter.

"Prepare yourself for the turn of a new century in media," Catherine said, determined. "Becuase these children will revolutionize it."


"Don't you think you over did that?"

Catherine Grace turned to look at her vice president to the project, Mr. William Hunter, a tall yet humble-looking man who gave her a stern look.

"What do you mean?" Catherine asked.

"You just put your whole career out there and swore those kids were the future," Mr. Hunter explained, his tone worried. "Cathy, this is only the beginning and yet you're biting more than you can chew."

"I'm doing it because I have faith I can find the right people," Catherine answered. "I wouldn't be boasting if I didn't."

"I know, I know," Mr. Hunter replied, distressed. "But even you know that the media leaves no stones unturned when it comes to corruption, when it comes to the celebrities' corruption, how do you expect to turn them into the people you want them to be if it's almost unattainable?"

"It's simple," Catherine replied, her tone cold. "Before they can rise above all else, they first must carry the burdens that will shape their characters. In due time, those little demi-gods will be Olympians in their own right."

Mr. Hunter nodded.

"I guess you're right," Mr. Hunter agreed. "Effort builds the dream."

"Not only that," Catherine said, walking up to her own car. "It builds millionaires, empires, and all the luxuries of the world! One day, we'll be proud to say we earned it all, William."

William frowned, but decided not to argue against her faulty logic. Maybe she was right, and the industry could be changed for the better, but William couldn't help but feel as though Catherine was missing something important. 



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