Six years ago, former model Catherine Grace Belyakova dedicated her life to re-shaping the modeling industry through a project known as the Olympian Project, a label that houses twelve of what are promised to be the most talented and revolutionary figures in Hollywood.

Now known only by their Godly nicknames, these eager celebrities are trying to take the world by storm before they're marked as one-hit wonders.

Intelligent, charming, and hungry for a chance to prove their worth, they're determined to make their boss proud, but at what cost?





 " I shall go on shining as a brilliantly meaningless figure in a meaningless world."

                      —  F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned


Six years later...


Under the thundering California skies, hundreds of reporters gathered under the protection of a grand marble courthouse.

Exasperated, they paced across the steps, re-lighting cigarettes and immediately putting them out with frustrated sighs as they hour dragged on. Rain threatened to run their pristine suits and nest perms, causing a rustle of distraught to hang over the crowd like a bad omen.

The double doors finally burst open; flocks of reporters and cameramen hurried to catch footage of their target, who was hidden behind a circle of burly bodyguards that were swift to maneuver through the crowd and towards an extravagant black car on the other side of the street. 

A few determined newscasters managed to obscure their path long enough for them to begin shooting off indistinct questions.

To their delight, the guards parted slightly to allow their charge to address them. Their subject in question was a boy no less than eighteen; dressed in a somber yet lavish black suit and dark sunglasses, he impatiently motioned to the closest reporter and green-lit their questions.

"Jasper," The male reporter asked. "How do you feel about your sentence?"

"I mean, I don't have anything better to do," Jasper replied nonchalantly. "Might as well."

"How do you think this will affect your connection with your label?" Another reporter asked.

"That depends," Jasper replied, laughing. "This isn't the first time I've fucked around."

The guards closed back in and ended the questions, hurrying towards the car as the crowd kept pressing on. As he quickly slid into the car and shut the door behind him, Jasper breathed a sigh of relief before he noticed his manager sitting nearby.

"How did it go?"

"Terrible. As per usual."

Mrs. Gallagher looked mildly amused as she signaled for the chauffeur to drive off. 

"Mr. Jones called to let you know he scheduled a meeting with you and the rest of the others," Mrs. Gallagher informed him. "I believe Mara is also quite distressed."

Jupiter ran a hand through his platinum blonde hair, too tired to make his usual quips.

"It's not like I don't know what they're going to say," Jasper replied, annoyed. "I would rather be anywhere else but there if I had the choice."

"But of course," Mrs. Gallagher responded. "Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to this label. Mr. Jones has had enough."

Jasper bit back a curse.

"Whatever," Jasper said, staring out the rain-splattered window.

"Jasper," Mrs. Gallagher began, her tone serious. "This may be your last chance to redeem yourself before it's too late. Don't you think it's time to grow up a bit?"

Jasper didn't answer. Instead, he kept his gaze on the blur of passing cars until the vehicle entered a dark tunnel.


When they finally arrived in front of Oasis Media's office headquarters, several paparazzi were hanging around the door and arguing with the security guards.

"God," Mrs. Gallagher sighed, irritated as she leaned over to speak with the driver. "Let's go around back, Sam."

"No, let's just go," Jasper said. "Let's get this over with."

Once the photographers spotted the car, they rushed over to take pictures of Jasper as he stepped out and quickly ran over to the large glass doors, leaving Mrs. Gallagher to deal with the burden of answering the paparazzis' questions.

Before Jasper could approach the elevator, a tall blonde girl sitting a few feet away approached him, her expression heartbroken.

"Jasper!" Mara exclaimed in concern as she tightly held onto his arm. "How did it go?"

"Stay away from me," Jupiter shrugged off Mara's grasp. "Your uncle said you're not allowed to talk to me."

"He's not the boss of me," Mara snapped. "So tell me, are you going to jail or not?"

"Does it really matter?" Jasper responded, walking away. "I'm getting kicked from the label anyway."

Mara's expression turned from concerned to infuriated as she followed him into the elevator.

"What? No!" Mara stated coldly. "Not if I convince him to wait."

"Whatever," Jasper said, suddenly feeling sick from the compact space of the elevator. "Nothing will change his mind now."

"We can bargain with him," Mara insisted, her tone desperate. "I know we can get him to--"

"Forget it," Jasper replied, annoyed. "I'm done here. I can't wait to just fucking leave."

Mara looked up at him in shock as he said this.

"What about me?" Mara said, enraged. "You can't leave me, I'm your girlfriend!"

"About that," Jasper said, stepping out of the elevator and leaving Mara behind. "I'll talk to you later. Bye."


Mr. Jones, along with a few other artists from the label, had gathered around for the meeting. Taking a seat far away from the others, Jasper quickly scanned Mr Jones's expression for a sign of anger or exhaustion, but the CEO had managed to conceal his rage well.

"Jasper," Mr. Jones began, faking a pleasant tone. "These past few months have been extremely hectic for the company. Time after time, we've pretended to act as though there's nothing going on, but I've decided to just clear the air and have a serious discussion. So do you have anything to say that you haven't had a chance to say yet?"

Jasper shrugged. 

"What do you want me to say?" Jasper replied. "That I'm not responsible? That I'm being wrongly accused and that I'm torn up about it? No matter what I say, it doesn't change the fact that I'm getting dropped from this label."

"That's not true," Mr. Jones replied, nervous. This response gained a few eye rolls. "We've all agreed to keep our judgement neutral until the case is over, then we can discuss an contract terminations."

"So what you're telling me is that you're not willing to be honest about how much you all hate me until I'm in jail?" Jasper countered. "Because it's obvious you're all waiting until I get sentenced to commentate on what couldn't admit to my face."

A silence descended amongst them upon hearing this statement. 

"Fine, I have no problem being honest," One of the female artists said, glaring in Jasper's direction. "You're a burden to this company. I can't stress enough how you've ruined our lives with the previous incidents, let alone this one."

Jasper simply laughed in amusement at this outburst. The girl almost looked as though she was ready to jump across the table and punch him.

"I keep getting requests for interviews that have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm currently doing." Another stated. "I'm getting pulled in and out of rumors that my fans are stressing over, and they've even started fighting with your little militia of fangirls who are so determined you're not at fault."

"In my defense," Jasper replied, amused. "If there is even anything to defend at this point, I'm not responsible for what your fans choose to do. It's your job to make sure they're not scalding your image with Internet fights they have no point being in, and it's my job to let my fans think whatever they want about me."

"So you're not going to take responsibility for being the reason my image is taking hits?" They asked, incredulous. "Because it's indirectly your fault."

"Unless there's solid evidence connected to my case that involves any of you, is it really worth putting the blame on me?" Jasper replied, looking around at all the angry expressions glaring down at him. "Blame the tabloids. I didn't say anything about anyone in this room, I didn't say that the company was at fault or were involved in anything that happened beforehand, so in conclusion, you really need to bring up that problem with the editors of those magazines because I've done everyone a favor by keeping my mouth shut."

"You don't need to speak of us to include us," The female artist spat. "Because we made the mistake of supporting you in the beginning, even trying to support you through the incidents we shouldn't have tolerated, we've been given options to either, (A), support you and risk our image, our fans, and our own careers for the sake of your carelessness, or, (B), pretend that we don't know you at all and try to justify our past actions with some petty excuses. We're being spit on my the media because you didn't make use of your second chance, idiot."

"I'm right then," Jasper replied, smiling smugly as he stood up to leave. "It's on your shoulders. If you don't want anything to do with me, make sure you try to disprove your issues without coming to me to solve them, because you know they're not true, so why obsess over them? I never asked for your support after the DUI charges, but some of you willingly decided to offer it anyway, and as grateful as I am, it's not my fault you both decided to take a bullet that I was willing to accept on my own. Sorry not sorry."

"Jasper--" Mr. Jones began.

"Terminate my contract," Jasper said. "I never enjoyed being here in the first place anyway."

Jasper took one last look around the room before he exited. Each artist glowered down on him with mixed expressions of pity and fury, unable to comprehend how someone could be so careless.



Catherine silently flipped through another magazine as she listened to Mr. Hunter argue with someone over the phone.

"We understand, but we're willing to offer him the chance," Mr. Hunter said, pacing across the living room. "Well--But that's not our goal."

Catherine set down her magazine and motioned for Hunter to hand her the phone. Passing it to Catherine, Mr. Hunter sighed as he left the room.

"This is Mrs. Gallagher, correct?" Catherine said, her tone as sweet as honey. "I'm Mrs. Belyakova, the CEO of the Olympus Project."

"Uh huh," Mrs. Gallagher replied. "Like I said before, I don't think this is the appropriate time to consider offers. Jasper just left Oasis and the court case--"

"Yes, I can agree that his situation isn't the most favorable at the moment," Catherine replied. "But we're considering him as a future candidate for the project."

"I'm not sure he'll ever agree to that," Mrs. Gallagher sighed. "Jasper may not be interested in pursuing business with the entertainment industry after his sentence."

"If he agrees to participate," Catherine said. "I believe we can negotiate a way to shorten his sentence."

Mrs. Gallagher was silent for a moment.

"Shorten? How so?" Mrs. Gallagher asked, suddenly interested. "Do you mean you could help with the bail in exchange for--?"

"Indeed," Catherine said, smiling. "I'm willing to help him shorten his sentence if he signs."

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