' The Ragman's Serenade tells the story of four families- one from North Shields and the other three from Wallsend. It is a story of relationships- The Davis family are up to their eyes in debt - The Stewart family have a daughter who has downs syndrome– The hagarths who’s husband owns a bookmakers shop and his wife is a midwife at the RVI- and the Higginbottom's have a father with the on set of Alzheimer's. How do they cope - read this fascinating story i'm sure you will enjoy.


38. 38

some Beecham’s powders. She heated some lemonade in a pan then poured it into a cup then emptied the Beecham’s powders into it and stirred.

“Here Irene take this; it will put you right.’

“Thanks mam.’

“Try and get some sleep; Good night.’ Jenifer turned out the light then went around the house checking all the windows to make sure they were locked then the front door. She then turned all the lights out and then said goodnight to Tom whose bedroom was further down the passage near the toilet. Then she walked half way up the passage and went into her own room and saw the clothes on the floor.

“You could have hung up your suit Matty.

“Forget the suit and come to bed and I’ll show you my dribbling skills.’

She folded his trousers then put them on the hanger then placed his jacket over them and fastened the buttons. She then folded his shirt before undoing her dressing gown.

She was wearing see through underwear and Matty eyed her as she hung up her dressing gown on the back of the door. She turned out the light and got into bed and Matty turned towards her.

“His hand reached across and rested onto her breast and he kissed her.’

“Someone’s in a good mood; do you want to see if you can get one in my net then.’

“Hey,’ I might not be as fast on the pitch these days but I sure know where the goal is.’

Matty and Jenifer made love for the first time in a while and it felt good. The two of them reasserted their love for each other in the darkness and for once Matty took his time. She had guided herself to orgasm slowly and rhythmically as she had mounted him. Then moved faster more frantically the way Matty liked it. She thrust out her breasts so that Matty could take hold of them and he sucked and licked her hardened nipples then grabbed her buttocks as she thrust deep into him. She felt his urgency and leaned back holding onto his firm thighs as he let out a low moan and his body stiffened. She slowed down until he was spent then rolled onto her back. They were both breathing heavily as Jenifer turned on the bedside lamp and lit up a cigarette.

“Still life in the old dog yet eh Jen: he said with a smirk.’

“Makes a bloody change; it’s usually wham bam thank you mam.’

Jenifer inhaled the filter tip of her players No 6 then blew smoke from it. The smoke drifted up to the ceiling as they talked away in the darkness.

“It’s going to be nice having the family around tomorrow isn’t it.’

“Aye.’ I’m looking forward to that roast beef.’

“That’s typical of you; think of your stomach first. I hope our Irene is going to be alright; the poor bugger is coming down with the flu by looks of things.’

She’ll be alright; our Irene is strong like her mother.’

Jenifer stubbed out her cigarette then turned out the light.

“We’d better get some sleep, my mother will be he early; you can bet on it.’

Matty turned over on his side and his wife cuddled into him. It wasn’t long before sleep got the better of them.


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