living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


10. pregnant

i woke up at like 4 in the after noon ''get dressed princess im taking you out today'' zayn said at my door i jumped out of bed ''ill be there in a few mins '' i shouted i took a quick shower i blowdried my short boy hair and i put on a t-shirt with a jean jacket with some jeans i put my shoes on  walked out my room zayn was at the door we drove to the place the nigth passed it was awsome we only got dared by a guy to have a drinking compitition we did it we needed hazza to pick us up we were too drunk to drive we got there and zayn brang me to his room he locked the door then everything went black we did it shit i never wanted to 

i woke up in zayns arms i kissed him and he woke up ''morning sunshins'' he said ''morning my prince'' we got up and put some clothes on i felt sick i ran to the bathroom i was never sick before i had to vomit two tree times i din't feel good at all i came out looking half dead ''you ok '' zayn said sitting on the bed ''i dont know at all ive never been sick '' i hit my head and sat on the bed ''zayn i think im'' i din't want to finish ''pregnant'' i felt a tear fall down my cheek  i closed my eyes and felt warm i opend them again and layed my head on zayn ''im gonna go get some tests'' i got up and left i went to the closest drug store i got those that tell us the weeks or days.... i got home all the boys where gone zayn was the only one here he had dylan on his lap watching jake paul i went to the bathroom and did it i let it set for a min and then looked ''one day'' i wisperd to myself i walked out ''zayn i am pregnant '' i said sitting down ''how much'' he said putting a arm around me ''one day'' i said crying he made me feel better i knew i wanted to keep my kid and zayn was gonna be a great dad i heard a door open and saw jake..... jake paul ''jake'' i said getting up i hugged him i was crying  not of sadness but of joy ''i can't believe jake paul is atualy here'' i said jumping ''boys can i tell you something alone'' zayn said they all walked to his room me and jake were watching the alien vlog 

(zayn's pov)

i sat on my bed ''boys i got sarah...'' hazza cut me ''yay our zayn is gonna be a dad'' he said hugging me i smiled the boys all joined in they were atualy happy i was gonna get a kid i came out of the room the boys following me we all sat down in the living room watching jake's vlogs ''that one scared the crap out of me'' he said while the asylum one came on this time sarah watched it without getting scared we watched vlogs the hole day all laughingn we all became a official jake pauler

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