living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


14. please

i woke up and felt like wanting to go help at a animal rescue center i got up and walked to the rescue center ''hello im hear to maybe help out with the animals '' the lady gave me stuff to do but for one dog she said he was new and does'nt trust cuz he was abused she led me to him and it was this beautiful male golden retriever ''ill take very good care of him and i promise by tonigth he's gonna be playing '' the lady nodded and left me in a big room with the dog ''hey bud '' i said gentle he layed there looking at me ''it's ok ill name you bailey '' i took treats out and he slowly came to me but backed up a few times i took a bowl and put food in it he started eating the food ''that's it bailey '' i placed my hand on his back and started petting him he wagged his tail ''wanna play bailey'' i took out a ball and threw it across the room he took it but looked at me ''come on bud bring it back '' he walked to me but froze when he got there ''drop'' he started shaking of fear ''awww im sorry boy put it down'' he dropped the ball ''that's a good boy'' i kept throwing the ball and he did fine

----bailey's pov-----

she seemed very nice she kept saying 'that's a boy and good boy ' and she kept saying 'bailey ' over and over again ''bailey bailey bailey'' she said i soon knew that my new name is bailey bailey bailey she picked up a leash and put it on me ''walkies'' she said getting up i followed her outside it was perfect i loved it and i loved being with her we sat at a park after we walked back she put me back in my cage 'noooo don't leave me please' i jumped on the cage ''ill be back tomorrow be good '' she walked away it's like if my hole life was walking away from me 

----sarah's pov----

as i walked away it felt like i was walking away from my life i din't want to go he changed since i got there i arrived home i saw zayn and shawn watching paw patrole ''zayn can we talk ''i said taking my shoes off ''yea'' he got off of the coutch and joined me in our room ''i went to a rescue center and there's this dog i really want when i walked away it felt like if i was leaving my hole life behind '' i looked at the floor ''what's his name'' ''i called him bailey he's a golden retriever ''  ''we could go see him tomorrow and decide if we get him jake needs a buddy too'' i smiled and kissed him ''daddy paw patrole is done '' shawn yelled ''coming '' zayn ran out  i walked around in the room thinking about bailey it felt if i knew him my hole life 

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