living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


9. no way

i layed on the sofa tierd i put youtube on the tv and watched jake paul ''what ya watching'' zayn said sitting next to me ''jake paul '' i said we watched a few videos until i almost shit myself i hid my face when jake and the rest of them were in the team 10 car while that physco was getting super close ''don't die jake'' i wisperd i heard the car start i looked up and saw he was fine ''yes jake lived '' i yelled ''why do you want him to be alive'' zayn said confused ''well he's the one that made me figth for my life i sent him a letter once saying everything i was going thru he red the letter in a video and sent me a team 10 hoodie '' i got up and went to my room i came back with a hoodie and a picture of jake ''he gave me the hoodie and made all team 10 sing it that's why i admire him so much he's so caring '' i said slipping on the hoodie i took my phone out and did a snapchat with zayn '' smils'' the camera flashed ''jake gotta see this '' i sended it to zayn with a caption *i escaped from him thx so much jake thats my boyfriend zayn* i saw he posted a new video i watched till the end them my smile droped ''big black died '' i said trying to hold my tears back i texted him on facebook 

''sorry for big black jake '' -s

i went to my room with dylan 

''it's ok "-j 

"im happy your fine btw i still love the hoodie you gave it it's awsome thx again dare me bro"-s

"xD im happy you love it btw im traveling to were you live and i have no where to stay could i stay at the house''-j

omg jake paul my house yass

"sure jake it will be fun having a dare me bro ''-s 

we stopped texting and i went to bed

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