living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


12. home

i woke up as the nurse came in '' a few men want to see you'' she said ''let them in '' the boys all fell when the nurse opend the door zayn steped over them ''hey princess '' zayn said giving me a kiss shawn opend his eyes ''dada'' he said reaching his arms out zayn took him and sat in the chair  next to the bed niall got up and gave me a little onesie whrited 'one direction love you' on it ''aw thx boys '' the boys left as i got dressed i looked in the mirror i was happy i was still skinny i walked out ''can you boys set the car seat up '' they all ran zayn stayed with me ''he looks just like his daddy'' i said ''and the blue eyes of mommy '' zayn said as we walked out the boys where jaming in the car i got in the back with zayn and i put shawn in his seat what makes you beautiful came on alot i kep the one direction songs on shawn seemed to injoy them we got home i took shawn in the seat and brang him inside i put him in his little crib in zayn's room now me and zayn share a room my room became the dogs room and the play room i sat on zayn's bed and stayed until shawn fell asleep i left when shawn was asleep i sat on the sofa and watched some more jake paul im such a jake pauler

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