living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


5. crap

i looked at my messages and saw a new message from..... james crap 

''hey sarah i know were you are and im coming back to claim whats mine''-j

i got chills down my spine at that moment i heard noking  on the front door it became louder every hit i heard him yell ''LET ME IN SARAH OR ILL HURT YOU EVEN WORSE'' i looked out of my blinds and saw james ''shit i wisperd to myslef''' i amedietly texted zayn

''zayny im scared''-s

''what's wrong babe''-z

''im going to your room i don't feel safe alone''-s

''ill be waiting at the door''-z

i ran down the hall and ran into zayn's room ''zayn my abusive ex is here he found out were i live he says hes gonna hurt me even worse than the last times'' i said crying ''il get the boys '' he ran out the room door and shouted''BOY IN MY ROOM NOW'' they all ran into the room ''niall stay in here with sarah the rest come with me'' zayn left with louis harry and liam i heard james yell again''OPEN UP NOW OR ILL COME IN '' i reached over to niall and hugged him hes like a teddy bear the most huggable thing ''i heard the front door open ''WERE IS SHE '' james yellled i got up and went down the stairs ''sarah get back up stairs'' zayn said ''no im finaly gonna face my biggest fear'' i said looking into james eyes he pushed louis away ''don't you dare get close '' he took my head and held it so im looking at him ''listen to me  your not getting away with this your mine '' he told me looking at me in the eyes ''bad idea ... ohh bad idea  '' he tried to puch me but i kicked him in the balls he fell i went over and punched him in the nose making him bleed then i punched him and knoked out a tooth ''tell ya cel mates you got beat up by a lady'' ''im not going to jail there never gonna catch me '' he walked towards the door but zayn who was shorted then him punched him in the balls and louis closed the door i kissed zayn ''good job babe '' he said puling away fro the kiss '' you too'' we smiled ''THE COPS ARE HERE'' louis yellled ''nice way to wake the hole street up the police came and took him away ill never forget the death look james gave me 

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