living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


2. bonding time

<<harry's pov>>

i got out of the water and went straigth to my room soking wet the boys when to theres i put my clothes on then ran to the kitchen i grabbed some patatos and some steak i ran outside to find the boys and sarah around a fire laughing i cut the patatos wrapped them in tin foil then put the on the grill then i put the steak on they finished cooking i put food in all the 6 plates and put more for niall cuz i know he ws gonna want more '' food '' they all ran up to me took a plate and ran back to the fire i joined them and sitted next to louis liam and niall sarah and zayn were alone on there own blankets 

<<sarah's pov>>

i took out my phone and told the other boys to come closer ''smile '' they all smiled the ligth flashed and niall harry and liam went back i set the pic as my background picture ''nice one boys'' we finished eating and we set the tents up we all had are own i set my black one up i ran inside got my pillow and blankets i setted them all in and the boys did the same .we all met up in zayn's tent and we talked alot we had a laugh even is nothing was funny '' im ging to bed'' i said yarning ''good idea we should all go to bed it's getting late'' zayn said we all went into are tents ''good ngith boys'' i yelled before cosing my tent door ''good nigth sarah'' they all said at the same time how do they manage to do that i started thinking about the boys ''there realy nice guys i find harry and zayn likes me i really like zayn but i dont wanna hurt harry he's suuch a sweet guy but ill keep it a secret until i find out if zayn and harry really like me'' i told myself in my head then i fell asleep

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