living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


13. 5 years

i watched as shawn and jake played together i walked to the door after it rang zayn had loads off food i helped him bring the in the kitchen ''daddy's home'' shawn yelled running with jake behind him ''hey bud'' zayn said as he picked shawn up ''daddy  in hangry '' shawn said zayn put him down and took some food shawn ran to the table and sat down zayn gave shawn his food and sat down on a chair shawn finished and put his stuff in the garbage ''and i di't even need to tell him '' zayn said inpressed ''yes while you where on tour i was teaching shawn how to behave oh and btw were are the boys '' i said as zayn got up ''they went to get something or someone i think'' zayn said confused i put away all the food while zayn was playing outside with shawn after i was done i watched some bizzardvark i din't hear zayn and shawn come in ''saprise'' shawn yelled as they sprayed me with water guns i got up and filled mine up they ran away ''you better run '' i ran after them and we had a water gun figth we got inside wet and tierd i changed shawn and put  him to sleep i stayed with until he was asleep i went to mine and zayns room ans got changed ''zayn im taking a nap'' i said getting into bed ''ok'' he said i fell asleep fast

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