living with one direction

sarah always loved one direction mainly zayn she always wanted to meet them but she wont need to when she finds out her father is there new manager...but will she get feelings for one of them


3. 1 year

it makes a year that i living with the boys louis is like my brother ''wake up sarah breakfeast is ready '' zayn shouted from the other side of my door''ill be there in  min zayny'' i said while groaning zayn walked away i put on a plain black t-shirt  and some of the shorts that don't fit the boys anymore i walked down stairs ''morning boys '' i said while getting a gaderade from the fridge ''morning '' they all said ''morning sis'' louis said ''morning bro'' i sat next to zayn and i played temple run on my phone ''btw boys theres almost no more food'' i said in a morning voice ''NOOOOOOOOOOO'' niall shouted''dont worry nialler you louis liam and harry are gonna go get some in an hour'' they looked at me ''why us '' harry said in his cute morning voice ''cuz i said so '' i said in a dominant voice ''ok'' harry said powerless 


---1 hour later----

the boys leave when i see the car leave i get up and sit next to zayn ''what ya watching zayn '' i said curious '' animal cops '' he replied focusd on the tv '' i love that show !'' i yelled zayn smiled we watched almost all of them i was crying seeing all the animals who were not well treated  the boys came back with at least 10 very big bags of food niall was almost suffacating from all the bags he  had i got up and took 1 bag zayn got up and took 2 bags we put them on the counter harry and liam were putting them away while zayn louis and niall were talking over some oreo's i injoyed when they were arguing for the last one i walked past and took '' you guys ate too much its mine'' i ate it niall looked at me not caring we all brushed are teeth getting all the black off 

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