The DeadLine Game-PLL competition

this is for the PLL competition-I wanted to take part in something...
Three girls are being stalked by someone-someone who shouldn't be here. Someone who died two years earlier. Everyday, a new, dark secret gets revealed if a task is not completed by a certain deadline. The tasks are chillingly creepy and hard to carry out-and the girls are running out of secrets to hide...


2. The Deadline is coming....

I hope you all enjoy the new chapter!!


Willow's POV.

I wake and look at my clock.


I hear my phone ding twice, and I remember the texts yesterday.

What if it's "Ray"?

I click on my texts, my heart thudding.

You have two new messages.

Mouth dry, I click on the first one. My heart flips, drops then stops.

It's time for some fun. Let's play the DeadLine Game-I know you love it.

Task- Leave something near our tree-you know where it is.

Deadline-Midnight tonight.

Forfeit- I tell everyone about what happened with HIM...

It's your choice, Willow- the tree or I tell.

The clock is ticking...


I stare at the phone in shock. Half asleep, a stupid thought pops into my head:

what if she isn't dead?

Only Raven knew what happened with my ex...right?

I quickly shake the thought out of my head. They found her body in the woods. They caught her killer. There's no way anyone else knows-Raven swore she would keep it secret, and she did.

Didn't she?

I quickly delete the text, and, shaking, click on the second one. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that it's from Evelyn-then the words send a jolt of ice through me.

I know this sounds crazy, but I...I know she's dead, but I think somehow Raven is texting me.

You remember the DeadLine game, right? I got this weird text, and...and I have to leave something by our tree-you remember our tree, right? Well, I have to do it by midnight, else....else the texter will tell one of my secrets.

Tell me if this Ray person texts you as well. I've texted Hazel. Please reply!!


I stare in shock. So Evelyn got this text too? I wonder for a second about her secret-I didn't even know she had any- then type out a reply.

OMG, you got one too?! I thought it was just me....I just deleted it.

Mine was the same-the tree or else. Has Hazel replied yet?

Let's meet up tomorrow-the café at 12:00? Text me back! I'm kinda scared. How can anyone else know our secrets?!

I quickly hit send. A few seconds later, she replies. I read the text quickly.

That sounds great-I'll tell Hazel now.

I haven't slept since my text.

Should we actually do it? I don't wanna take any chances-my secret's sort of deep, and I don't want everyone knowing. And, BTW, I don't think anyone else knows our secrets-Raven swore secrecy.

That's what makes this even scarier.

I send off one more text.

I don't think we should-if we do, whoever is texting us knows that this is how they can manipulate us.

Just let's see what happens-if anything does happen, I promise I won't judge you. I.. let's just say I have my secrets too. And, Evelyn-don't tell anyone just yet. We'll see what happens first. Whoever it is is bound to slip up at some point.

We should try to sleep.

I put my phone back on my bedside table and lie staring at the ceiling all night. I don't notice when I eventually fall asleep.

(Later on that day)

I walk to the café to meet Evie and Hazel. When I get there, I see they have picked seats right at the back, where no one can see us. I don't blame them. I walk over and see that they have bought me a milkshake.

"Hey," I smile weakly at them. Evie looks like crap-overnight, she looks like an insomniac. Her eyes are shadowed  by dark circles, and her skin is pale. Simply put, she looks like a zombie.

"Whoa, Evie, you...I'm not being rude, but you look like shit." I say.

"Exactly what I said." Hazel says.

"I know, I didn't get that much sleep last night. I got this text...from Ray. I explained what it all said in my text last night. I don't know what I should do." She says, shivering slightly at Ray.

" I got one too," I inform Hazel. She looks round at us, confused.

"That's weird, I didn't..." Her voice trails off when her phone pings. Immediately, I know it's from Ray.

"Show me!" Evie practically shouts, and she flashes her phone at us. The text is almost identical to mine.

"Let's not go. If we don't whoever it is will know they can't manipulate us." I suggest.

"That's a good point," Hazel agrees.

"But what if they actually do know?" Evie stresses.

"They don't" me and Hazel say in unison.

(Later that night)

I stare at the time.


I still have time, I think, then, I'm not going in those woods alone at this time.

Just then, my phone pings.

Tick tock, Cinderella. Time is running out.


I delete the text, turn out my lamp and fall asleep.

I'm not being blackmailed into doing anything.


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