The DeadLine Game-PLL competition

this is for the PLL competition-I wanted to take part in something...
Three girls are being stalked by someone-someone who shouldn't be here. Someone who died two years earlier. Everyday, a new, dark secret gets revealed if a task is not completed by a certain deadline. The tasks are chillingly creepy and hard to carry out-and the girls are running out of secrets to hide...


3. Only One Comes At Night...

OK, here's a new chapter for my PLL competition book, I hope you are enjoying it so far, just keep reading!! (if you get bored waiting for me to update, read my other books. If you have, just spam out my comments, which will spam out my email, and I'll get round to it!) Enjoy! (BTW, I decided to take the bracelet in the woods part from PLL and twist it a tiny bit, so, yeah...)

Hazel's POV

I stumble in darkness-I should have brought a flashlight. In my hand, I hold my old friendship bracelet that Raven made me- we all have one. As the darkness becomes an impenetrable wall, I remember I have my phone in my pocket. Shaking, I pull it out and switch on the flashlight. Phantom shapes are lit up in it's beam- night animals that I almost mistake for faces, invisible hands brushing against my skin that are actually just leaves and ivy... I shake horror-film images out of my head and stop in front of the tree. Then I see it.

Raven's bracelet.

Mine falls out of my hand, landing next to it. I quickly grab my camera out of my bag and fumble with the film-why the hell did I bring the Polaroid?- and snap three pictures before uttering a strangled cry and running through the woods as the fear finally hits me. Branches whip against my face, brambles scratch at my legs and I run blindly, only focusing on getting myself as far away from the tree and the bracelets as possible.

After what feels like an age, I leave the woods behind in a part of Rosewood I don't really know that well. The Polaroid prints are all scratched from the brambles and branches. My hair is littered with branches, and I feel blood trickling down me from multiple scratches. I don't need a mirror to see that I look a mess.

Then I realize that all I am holding is the prints.

My camera is in the woods.

There's no way I'm going back in there. Ray might be in there. I'll get it tomorrow.

I take the long way home, through back streets and alley ways. Luckily when I get back, the house is dark. No-one is up. I take the spare key form under the mat and let myself in, shower, then collapse on my bed. My phone buzzes with a text. I open it fearfully.

Well done, Hazel.

I guess your secrets are safe...for now.

Stay tuned-I'm just warming up...

I'll be back before you know it, Hay-Hay.


I don't delete the text. I feel frozen. Only Raven called me Hay-Hay, and only when we were alone.

Nobody else knew about the nickname.


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