The DeadLine Game-PLL competition

this is for the PLL competition-I wanted to take part in something...
Three girls are being stalked by someone-someone who shouldn't be here. Someone who died two years earlier. Everyday, a new, dark secret gets revealed if a task is not completed by a certain deadline. The tasks are chillingly creepy and hard to carry out-and the girls are running out of secrets to hide...


1. Just a Normal Spring Day...Right?

this is for the pretty little liars competition. I've made it pretty similar to the actual series, but with a few different twists. Same Rosewood, slightly different story. And three girls instead of four/five, whatever you count it as with Alison and all that. They live in the original girls' houses. Enjoy!!


Evelyn's POV.

Me, Hazel and Willow walk out of Rosewood High, sunlight shining on everything. We head to my house and out into the barn. It's warm-summer's on it's way. We flop down on the sagging sofas.

"Wasn't today just hilarious?" I laugh. Earlier today, we had pulled off a massive prank that included the school's swimming pool.

"Yeah, everyone totally freaked!" Hazel agrees.

"Hey, guys, don't you remember what today is?" Willow pops up. We all fall silent.

"Yeah." I finally say, and I know we all have the same thought-Raven.

We always called her Ray, I think.

Two years ago, she was murdered. They eventually found her killer, but still I sometimes see a flash of her-a glimpse of her hair in the cafeteria, the flash of her eyes in class, the smell of her vanilla body spray faintly lingering on the breeze, the distant sound of her laugh rustling through the trees. Of course, now, I know she's definitely dead,  but when her body was first found dumped in the woods, I found it hard to believe she was gone. She had always been so vibrant, so alive. We trusted her with all our most deepest secrets-it was a friendship built to last forever.

And then one day she was gone.

Suddenly, my phone pings, snapping me out of my thinking. Everyone else's phones ping too, and we reach for them simultaneously. When I open the text, my heart almost stops. Everyone else seems frozen too. In that moment, I know it's off the same person.

Someone who shouldn't be texting us.

Someone who stopped texting us a long time ago.

You haven't forgotten me already, right?

Well, I'm back now. And I'm ready for some fun.

Expect to hear from me soon.


"Impossible. Someone's got to be playing some kind of sick joke, right?" I choke out. The hairs on the back of my neck prick up, and I suddenly feel very exposed and uneasy.

I feel like I'm being watched.

"Just delete the texts and don't respond. Whoever it is will get bored soon, and go mess with someone else," Willow tells us. I see that she is right, and delete the text.

You have no new messages.

Those words feel good, like a cold breeze in a stiflingly hot summer's day.

( 2:13am)

I wake to a weird buzzing noise. I open my eyes and see my phone is lit up and vibrating, meaning I have a new text. Blearily, I grab my phone and check my texts.

I am suddenly snapped awake.

I know how we can have some fun. Let's play the DeadLine Game.

A sudden chill runs through me, and although it is boiling hot, I suddenly feel icy cold.

The DeadLine game is something we made up with Raven five years ago. Someone sets a task, and a time/date to do it by. If you fail or cannot carry out the task by the DeadLine, you have to suffer a forfeit. It started off as a simple game, but then started getting more and more complicated as time went on and we all got older.

Task: Go into the and leave something by our tree. Simple, right?

Deadline: Midnight tomorrow.

Forfeit: If you don't, I'll tell about what you did three summers ago.

It's your choice, Evelyn. Leave something or let me tell.

The clock is ticking.


I throw my phone down. Our tree is in the creepiest part of the woods in Rosewood-barely anyone goes there, and there are plenty of ghost stories.

I don't sleep for the rest of the night.


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