[The Savior: After the fall]

Humanity has encountered thousands of wars and conflict but none which could rival the scale of the massive destruction, The Fall. Since The Fall, mankind has reached its turning point. Technology could no longer advance and majority of the population were wiped out. Who is the savior of this world?


13. The Training - Part Skill

"Although you have improved greatly since last month, you will have to continue your base training while you learn combat skills from me," This marked the beginning of the skill training. It began with adjusting my forms, addition of running in the base training, as well as running basic combat.

"You are great for someone who didn't have any lesson on fighting," the unknown man continued, "But your attacks lack elements to it and you can't read the next moves or possess necessary experience to compensate for that."

I began with learning how to add weight to each of my attacks as well as working on basic footstep.

"I will show how much your form can change the damage of the attack," he demonstrated with the first punch, which used all of the force within himself, that easily broke the trunk of a tree. Next, he used his own weight and adjusted form to attack with the same force. The tree didn't just break, it shattered.

"You have until next month to start improving." 


Day 1: I ran twenty miles on the first run. I began to increase it by a mile each day.

(Increased endurance did help)

Day 2: I ran twenty-one mile this time, and I saw progress with the basic combat.

(Nothing much to say here)

Day 37: I completed the basic skills, and I am going on to the intermediate skills.

(Mountains after another.)


Day 44: I managed to defend against at least five delinquents. I did something that only fictional scenery would accomplish. (To the veteran combat.)


Day 51: During my run, I managed to avoid nearby rampaging truck. It seems that the driver was safe and it was caused by flat tire. (My reaction speed has gotten better.)


Day 58: I learned basic parkour and use of different weapons.


Day 61(Extra day in November)(Had to rest in September):

The result so far: 1000 percent increase in push-up, 900 percent increase in sit-ups, 2200 percent increase in chin-ups since day 1 of the training. The maximum running distance was now 50 miles. I managed to defeat twenty delinquents without any forceful methods; I learned basic enforcement techniques. The next part was experience part, and it meant actual fight against the Fallen themselves.  


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