[The Savior: After the fall]

Humanity has encountered thousands of wars and conflict but none which could rival the scale of the massive destruction, The Fall. Since The Fall, mankind has reached its turning point. Technology could no longer advance and majority of the population were wiped out. Who is the savior of this world?


4. The Help

When a horde of Fallen chases you, its better to give up than struggle uselessly. You are done for and no one will be helping you if there is slightest chance that they will be in trouble with you, so you are basically off by yourself, simple and clear rule that this world has given us. I quietly held a bottle of alcohol, a strong one. No one would have minded if anyone were drinking this at their last moment, it can clearly ease your pain and the age restriction no longer mattered. However, I didn't use it for my drinking purpose, I set up a Molotov as fast as I can and began to drive the car. 

Within short duration of ten seconds, I managed to complete at least three of them, which also surprised me, to be honest. I could literally hear a band of Fallens running toward me, at a same speed as this car itself, but it did not seem that they are going to be tired at any given time. I knew that I couldn't return back to the refugee districts, it was too dangerous and selfish act. I threw a Molotov at the first batch of Fallens on the backside of my car. There still has handful of them despite the noticeable damage from the flames. It doesn't seem to work on all of them.

"Krrrrr!" One of them attacked at my tires. It must have learned that the vehicles can't run anymore with its tires flattened out. Intelligence at the most unnecessary moment...

The car ceased its movement soon after. The Fallens have gathered in circles around me. One of them took out the car door with sheer gripping force and threw it away as easily as if it was a plastic foam. The very same one took me out of the car and threw me down to the ground in extremely painful manner. I could already feel that some of my bones have cracked just from that. I was too tired, broken, and powerless to do anything. I was ready to accept my defeat until the unknown man came to the site. He was one-armed, basically a cripple in our society. It would have been bad for a person of his handicap to even reveal himself in this situation. He gently took off his hoodies with his right hand. It had showed his gentle yet fierce expression with large scar that disabled his right eye.

Something was odd about him. I haven't felt any presence of human earlier. Where did he come from? How come I didn't see him inside of the district? If he survived out here alone, why was he not when of the famous individual in refugee camp? My mind was filled with doubts and questions. 




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