[The Savior: After the fall]

Humanity has encountered thousands of wars and conflict but none which could rival the scale of the massive destruction, The Fall. Since The Fall, mankind has reached its turning point. Technology could no longer advance and majority of the population were wiped out. Who is the savior of this world?


3. The Escape

I immediately responded to the noise of a Fallen nearby. My old wounds ached each time that it set another foot toward me. Fallen can not be identified from far distances, but when we are close, we can clearly see that they have black sclera and their irises are completely red. These gives you the worst nightmares at night. 

I stepped my foot backward with my utmost carefulness, a single mistake in my next move can cause it to become agitated. It seems to be under control before Mr. Davidson shot it with his so called good-old-shotgun. 

"Mr. Davidson! No!" I shouted, but he was in too much of fear to even respond to my call. Fallen chased after him, and he was caught in no time. I was terrified at what the Fallens do to their prey. They suck out all of blood within our system before we are mummified and then it showers the mummies with their blood and they miraculously revives back, but as fellow Fallens. 

Fallens are classified in three major types:

Commander Types: They are the most intelligent ones. Some can even speak human language.

Laborer Types: They work various of odd jobs to support their community

Combat Types: They are usually the ones who have the abnormal strength, but only by moderate margin.

The one that I was facing was the Laborer type. I can identify it by the fact that it did not immediately attack me. Only the Combat types attack you no matter what you do. Laborer types only attack for self defense, but they are more troublesome than combat types because they usually call out for its comrades if not taken out before it even has chances to do so.

I immediately ran to the place where my car was, but it had stopped me halfway. It seems that it didn't allow me to escape that easily. I knew that was one of the possibilities so I went with the plan B. I grabbed one of the metal items that I dug up, one of the remnants of clashed vehicle. 

"Take this!" I managed to land a clean hit right on its jaws. It seems to be stunned by the attack. Even these monsters have weakness or two.

I ran over to the car as fast as I can, started the engine, and checked for any problems nearby. I was about to drive out of this danger before I saw hordes of Combat types running street toward me. The Laborer type must have called for help, I regretted on not taking its life.

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