[The Savior: After the fall]

Humanity has encountered thousands of wars and conflict but none which could rival the scale of the massive destruction, The Fall. Since The Fall, mankind has reached its turning point. Technology could no longer advance and majority of the population were wiped out. Who is the savior of this world?


8. The Camp

Our refugee camp is embedded with tall, metal walls that served as the main protection. It acts as the barrier against any form of outsiders, so it needed to be at least ten meters thick and five meters underground. The floor of this five acre camp as well as the building itself is all made using metals. Because of our use with the metals, this camp is known as the Metal Scavengers. Although I don't like this name, some people seems to be proud of it.

"Hey, Rogers!" Mary, one of the youngest survivors, called out to me, "I heard that you were attacked by a Laborer type Fallen. Are you alright?"

"Its thanks to him that I am still breathing to this moment," I pointed toward the unknown man. He seems to hide his identity with the hood. I wasn't sure why he needed to do so.

"How did you manage it? Where did you come from? How old are you?" she threw handful of question to the person who she had just met. It wasn't rare as its not common to see humans from outside nowadays.

"I can't answer anything about my origins and what I have done so far, but I will tell that my age is-" he was interrupted by Mr. Thompson, who was the manager of the guards and a former archery champion in countrywide competition.

"Who are you?" he asked casually. I guess Mr. Thompson was drunk. His entire face was red and he seems to be having trouble with walking. It really is concerning about his condition after his wife died. He couldn't stop drinking since then.

"Respect the adult, will ya? I am already 30!" he stated quiet boldly. It wasn't rare to see that many of the people here is old. Since there are barely any child who survived until this moment. I was the youngest member here. 

"I am 33, The Fall happened when I was twenty-four."

"Ah. I see..." I spoke quietly in relief.

"Eh?" I carefully examined over his face.

"What?" I could clearly see that his face was that of a college student.

"Are you a Fallen?" I asked. Fallens were able to maintain their condition before death. No matter how much time passes, a child will still be a child and a old person would still be a old person. He seems to unrealistic to be that old.

"No." He responded with straightforward tone but I could sense that he was hiding something, but he wasn't lying about that part. 

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