Sick Love

"I can't go outside I'm sorry... If I go outside I'll die,"
"It's ok. I got you."


2. A Song

I was sitting on my bed and I and was reading a book. I then looked up to see a boy singing and playing a guitar.

I pulled my window down and started to hear the most beautiful sound I have ever heard and the most smooth melody.

I put my book down and lean out my window. I almost feel off my window and caused a pot to fall off my window. The boy turned to me and looked at me in the eye.

I looked back at him. I imminently shut my window and shut the curtains. My eyes widen. I know, I know, I have to tell you I have never seen a boy since I was 9.

I've been locked inside for a long time. Who is he?

I run to our back yard. Our walls are made out of glass that way I can see outside. I gestured the boy to come over.

He came over.

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