Sick Love

"I can't go outside I'm sorry... If I go outside I'll die,"
"It's ok. I got you."


3. A Gift

I looked at him. He had his guitar on and was asking me to open the door. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. "What the Heck! Don't open the door for him!"

Well, you know something.... I did open it! I took out my silver flute and opened the door.

And he gave me a gift that day... freedom.

I took a breath and stepped outside the back door. I closed the door behind me and took a deep breath. I looked up to see a beautiful night sky with mountains behind us.

I smiled and put my flute in ready position. He took out his guitar and started playing. I was lucky my mother wasn't at home or she would have killed me!

The wind flowed with our sweet bitter melody. A melody that could have made anyone smile and cry at the same time.

We played for almost an hour. Until we heard the front door open. My eyes widen and I pushed him out the back yard. "Go!" I told him softly. He nodded and left running. I smiled.

I turned around to enter my house in time and to see my mother home with new clothes.

And of corse medicine....

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