Sick Love

"I can't go outside I'm sorry... If I go outside I'll die,"
"It's ok. I got you."


4. A Chat

"Hey..... I never got your name," I was texting that boy that I met the day before. I was on Skype and had gotten his name on the Skype App. It was my first time useing it.

"oh... hi! i wan't expecting you to text me," he typed back.

No puntuaion. I though to myself.

"my name is... you can call me Salty."

"Salty?... Ok. So how are you Sssaaalllty?" I asked on the Skype app.

I looked out my window to see him giving me an "are you serious" look. Then, he went back to his computer to reply:

"youre going to make me regret this, arent you?" I smile.

"Yes I am,"

He looked out his window then looks down as in trying to say "Why?!.."

"I'm going to fall arnen't I?" I say to myself.

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