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Need a cover? Read the intro then email me!


1. Form + Rules: PLEASE READ

If you just email me without reading this or filling out the ENTIRE form I stg i will fight. I won't, ill just ignore your request OR ask you to completely fill it out! 

Things you should know before:



1. I have a life, requests usually come fast but not always

2. If  you have a specific deadline let me know!

3. I'm an eighth grader in the last month and a half of school so it consists of field trips, projects, homework, tests, etc so bare with me!



1. Say you request a cover from me for "stolen hearts" don't go to someone else and ask for a cover for "stolen hearts" it's rude! 

2. if you decide after you request you don't want a cover from me email me!!! 

3. If you dislike the final product I give you then you can a. ask nicely for me to make a new one or b. tell me you don't like it and you can go request elsewhere

4. side note: say you don't have a subtitle for your book but it asks for it on the form don't leave it blank! Put n/a or "none" because if not i'll be like "do they want one or not?" like if it says "none" i'll know "okay none"

5. If you change an idea (or your username) after you leave me an email with your form lemme know so i can change it!

6. I do want proof that you are going to publish your story! No you don't need to publish it beforehand just send me a screenshot of your draft!

7. do NOT request if you aren't planning on posting your story.. If you decide later "hey i hate this story, lemme delete" that's fine, just let me know!

8. If you change your cover to something else later let me know you don't need to be detailed like "becky's is better" just say "hey im changing it" so i wont wonder why it's gone.

9. i like to read books that i make covers for so :)

10. GIVE ME CREDIT! in the description and or first chapter. 



1. I'm not some professional, I can't edit Camila Cabello's face onto a bear body okay, do not ask for something that specific i stg

2. I edit on my phone, usually it works pretty good considering I don't always have my laptop so if I'm on a long car trip I could edit on my phone no problem!

3. If you want something specific (that's minor like a bee in the corner or smth) let me know!


Letting me know: 

1. I'm speaking for other cover makers here but when you want something specific (minor) on your cover but you DONT say it then get pissed when your cover doesn't contain it don't get mad! You didn't tell us! 

2. If you aren't gonna use the cover LET ME KNOW INSTANTLY!

3. give me some general ideas or concepts for your cover, not like "i need dinah standing at an exact 90 degree angle with normani's leg up at a 70 degree angle" but like "maybe add some stage lights or make it look like Normani is a dancer"



No, you don't have to pay me. I just request you do something for me.


1. follow me :) (don't follow then unfollow once you get your cover)

2. maybe check out one of my stories?

3. give me an early access code/link to your story (optional) 

4. Credit in description + first chapter for example: "SHOUTOUT TO @FOLEYSLOVE FOR MAKING THIS AMAZING COVER" or "Cover done by: @foleyslove" 



Title of the book:

Author's name:



Characters: (If you dont have set face claims give me a description of what they look like and maybe i can find one for you)


Theme/mood: (like b&w or happy, or scary)

Any specific images you want: (links or the direct image is fine, TRY TO GET HIGH QUALITY PICS)

If there's anything else you need added to the cover let me know at the bottom of your request.


You can request at my email: or my kik: zouispride (i dont check it often) that's it dont be like "what about instagram" or "what about snapchat" hell no, you email  or kik me or you don't get a cover. Harsh? no cause it's 2017 everyone has a freakin email and it's unprofessional to send something through snapchat. If you're working at a company when you're 30 you're not going to be like "omg hey boss can you send me the data through snapchat?" nah man i may be fourteen but I'm trying to be professional so everything works out smoothly.



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