Kid Flash and Domagade

Note: Domagade is my own character

this was the worst description of a story. sorry.


1. Mount Justice

     Aqualad, Conner, Megan, Richard, Artemis, and Wally were sitting on couches in the Mount Justice common room. "I'm bored.... when is Batman getting back?" Wally asked Richard. He didn't answer him. All of a sudden, Batman came into the room. "Why did I even ask?" Wally mumbled to himself.

    "Everyone, We found another superhero. She wants to meet you all." he said. Batman left the room. The girl came into the common room. "Hi, I'm Rachel." she said.

    "Hello, I'm Megan, this is Wally, Conner, Richard, Artemis, and Aqualad." Megan told her. "Do you have powers?" Richard asked her. "Yes I do. I can turn into anything and anyone I want — except for plants and Items. And when i turn into anyone that is a superhero, I can use their powers too. I don't mean to me rude though. I'm sorry if i'm being rude." she replied.

    "You're not being rude and plus, you and Megan would be best friends or something. 'Cause she is a Shifter too — sort of." Richard said. Rachel smiled at Megan. She smiled back. "What do you like to eat and do?" Wally asked.

    "Wally, do you have to do that every single time you see a girl you like?" Conner asked him. He wasn't paying attention. "Well, I like to eat Pizza and I like to draw, read comic books, walk everyday, and sometimes play video games." Rachel told Wally.

     Wally smiled. "Well, they're getting along just fine." Aqualad mumbled. "I have to ask Batman something. I'll be right back." Rachel said and turned into a bird and flew off.

    "Showoff." Artemis said and chuckled. Wally saw her come back 30 seconds later and she gestured for Wally to come with her. They went outside the room. "What is it?" Wally asked her. "Do you want to walk with me outside?" She asked him.

     He nodded. "Let me get my regular clothes on. I don't want to be seen by normal people. Don't worry, it will only take a few seconds." Wally said. Then he quickly got on his clothes and said, "Okay, I'm ready."




    As Wally and Rachel walked, they noticed blue lightning streaming around a city. His eyes got wide. "Wally! Run back to Mount Justice! Now!" she told him, and he started to but he noticed that she wasn't running back with him. "What are you doing?! The blue lightning is Zoom! He's coming for us." Wally shouted.

    She turned around and saw Zoom behind Wally. "Hang on, Wally!" she shouted. Barry went outside and saw Zoom walking slowly up to Wally from behind. He started to run towards him but then he saw the girl.

    She turned into a Dragon and flew up to Zoom and blew strange, black, goo onto him and it burned him. "That should take some of your speed too. Good luck finding more." She said and turned back into herself.

    She saw that Zoom had already gotten out of the goo. But Then she noticed he was about to stab Wally with his claws. She turned into a cheetah and bit him in the arm. He didn't care. She hissed and bit him again, and this time it pierced his skin.

    Barry thought now would be a good time to run after Zoom and take him down. He threw lightning at Zoom. Zoom had enough for one day. So, he left. Wally couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

    Barry walked up to Rachel. "That was Dangerous. But thank you for saving my Grandson." Barry said. She nodded and turned back into herself. Barry nodded and left. "So, I guess this means we're friends now, right?" Wally asked her. She giggled and said, "Yes."        

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