A dream about basketball



“Swish, the ball gets all of the net on that free throw” says the announcer.  I’m standing at the free throw line as the score is tied 91-91 and there are 20 seconds left on the game clock and I get ready for the next free throw and I nail it.  The other team tries the inbound pass and shot and Adi sends it back the ball sputters away and the Oklahoma City Thunder have won the series. My mom tells me to go to sleep after a long day of basketball practice and I tell her “O.K”. I cover my face with my Thunder pillow and sleep as I sleep I dream about being a basketball player and my journey. “First things first” I yell to my friend as he calls me for tryouts but I just need to grab my lucky Thunder ball and I’m ready.  Right now, I’m trying out for the Villanova college basketball team and as you probably know they got a lot of talent there and I intend to get a spot. As I’m warming up the coach calls us for tryout drills to see what all of us can do.  He calls a shooting drill first so I get in line.  The drill is one shot from the free throw line, one shot from mid-range, and one shot from three-point land.  I tell myself easy peasy and it was as I drain all the shots like water down the sink next we play a   1 v   1 to see our defensive and offensive skills.  I’m matched with my friend luckily and I am on defense first.  I try to steal the ball but he drives by me as he makes the shot. Then I take a shot from three and nail it to win, just like that.  Then, coach makes us do a bunch more drills and after everyone is gone coach Murphy calls me and asks me “Why do you want to be on my team instead of some other team that would have you as a starter instead of on the bench”.  I reply “I want to win and I can do that here.”  Coach Murphy tells me “O.K. son get some rest.” I left that day feeling good about my chances at getting in to the team and the next day I got a message from Coach Murphy saying that he picked me for the basketball team, I was proud and I enjoyed that day by going to a restaurant and eating like you know you can’t stop eating all though I am on a strict diet. The next day I hit the court to shoot some hoops because practice makes perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling as I worked out because for me it was a dream come true.

The following year goes terrible as I’m kicked off the team for another player and the relationship between Coach Murphy and I is rigid.  One day, I meet coach at the court and he watches me as I play and he said there were a lot of things I could fix.  As he turns to leave I yell, “Wait!” He stopped and asked, “You want my help don’t you” I stammered,” Ye yes sir” and we worked out every day even when I was back on the team.  Things again want bad as I was the only veteran still on the team because no NBA team wanted me for various idiotic reasons like I double-dribble too much and every day I trudge back to my apartment as I am just plain disappointed in myself.  As I finish college I go to the NBA draft knowing no team will pick me as I’m waiting I get a call from the Oklahoma City Thunder and they said they take me with the last pick in the draft as they desperately need a shooting guard backup.  I’m glad they picked me I tell myself.  I arrive in Oklahoma City and me and the first-round pick are welcomed by the fans but for me this wasn’t as good of a night as I’m the last pick and I’m a million miles away from home.

The season starts and I’m the backup who no one cares about.  We get into the playoffs and guess what I’m still on the bench.  We won the series and move on to the next.  During practice the next day Victor Oladipo breaks his arm while going for a layup to the basket.  He was rushed to the hospital and was taken care of there but the next moment Coach looks at me with disgust, walks over to me and sighs and says, “You’re the starter.”  I get the feeling that no one likes this and sadly walk to my apartment.  I go to the court next day for the game and start and of course we are garbage with me on the court. The next game comes and I’m pretty good, actually.  For the entire series, I was okay but I still wasn’t great.  The next series comes and I am ready to explode but instead I’m just clumsy.  Surprisingly, we still won and that was amazing but not for me even if we keep winning I feel like an idiot stepping onto the court.  We go to the NBA Finals and this is not a joke.  I start and we play amazingly great and the series comes down to a win or go home game 7.  The game is tied throughout and it comes down to the final seconds. I have sweat pouring down my face and I can hear everyone holding their breath for the free throws.

“25 seconds left in the NBA Finals here at Chesapeake Energy Arena,” commentates the announcer.  The inbound pass comes to me and I race down the court as the game score is 90-91 we are losing. In frustration, I run down the court straight at the huge guy in the name of Lebron James and put up shot and it is a foul. I make both free throws to make the score 92-91 we are winning. The Cavaliers come down the court off the inbound pass and they take a shot and I block it and we have won the NBA Finals.

So, that was my journey to the NBA and my rookie year and how amazing that year was for me and I’m crowned Finals MVP.  Ha ha ha ha it was just a dream but a big one.



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