Dear Diary

Follow the life of Mia through her own words and eyes.


4. The 24th of February

Dear Diary.

Here we go again. I keep forgetting to write here. Maybe I just have to start setting the alarm and then write at that time during the day. Don't know if it'll work though.  Guess I better try otherwise I won't ever know. Ahh, what to write. It's getting late, and my brain is a jumbled mess, really. I went to the hospital today, luckily it was a minor thing, and I was sent home impatiently. My mom got annoyed with me because of this and ended up yelling at me, so I just went to my room right after we got back home. Sadly it's not the first time she's doing this. 

Ugh. I'm getting tired, I think I'll try and get some sleep before I have to focus on school tomorrow.

~ Mia.

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