Dear Diary

Follow the life of Mia through her own words and eyes.


1. The 11th of February



Dear Diary.

Last time I wrote one of these I was no older than 11. Back then it was very popular for young girls like me to own a diary and to write all the small things that we did during the day. Stupid things like "I saw Jessica today, we had a great time." And so many other things. Looking back, it was incredibly stupid. There was never anything good to tell, all of it was just some stereotypical stuff that all girls my age did. Hence why I stopped.


Yet, here I am again. Once again writing in a diary. Oh, how I hate myself. Whoever thought it was a good idea to sit down and write about your day and emotions? People told me it was a good thing to do when you feel sad or down, help you to vent without telling anyone your deepest secret. What bullshit. I doubt I'll ever be good friends with this whole diary concept. I'm a big girl now, 17 to be exact, so it has roughly been 6 years since I last touched a diary. 

I may as well end it for today, I have no idea what actually to write here. My day was good, we did school work, and I met up with some friends. Fun times. 


~ Mia.

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