Forever and Always

Harry an Louis were originally straight, but what happens when they meet on the X factor
What happened over the years?
Will their beards corrupt "Larry" o
Will it be forever, or was Larry never real?
Will Harry's secrecy and constant denials corrupt poor Louis?


8. Chapter 7: Drunken part 2: Louis's P.O.V.

Chapter 7: Drunken part 2

Louis's P.O.V.


I can tell that Harry is drunk but instead of telling him that he is drunk I just nod my head and take his hand in mine. I want this to happen and him being drunk is my chance to take advantage of him. As I take his hand in mine I feel the familiar jolt of electricity go throughout my body and I smile.

Harry stumbles against me when we get into the bedroom and I have to catch him so he doesn't fall onto the floor. I shut the door behind him and lock the door. Once the door is locked and shut I help Harry up on his feet and I pull his lips back on mine again. He stumbles again and I have to catch him again and this time we stumble back against the bed. Harry groans and I can tell he is contemplating on whether or not we should be doing this. 

"Are you sure you want to do this, Harry?" I ask him quietly gazing into his green eyes.

"I"m drunk, Louis," he says. "Fuck it. Of course I want to do it."

I frown. How does he know he's drunk? 

Instead of contemplating the question further I pull his lips on mine and kiss him hard. He growls against my lips and pushes me down on the bed. I laugh as he unbuttons my shirt and pulls it off of me. My heart is racing so hard inside of my chest I can barely feel or hear anything that is going on around me. As I unbutton Harry's shirt I feel his lips against my neck and I groan with pleasure. He bites the skin of my neck just below my ear pulling a groan out of me again. I reach down and pop the button open on his jeans. When his jeans are all the way off I pull his lips on mine once more and I kiss him passionately. 

Harry groans in protest when I push my tongue in his mouth but he relaxes once I pull my tongue out of his mouth. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer. 

"We shouldn't be doing this, Lou," he groans. "But it feels so right."

"If you don't want to do it, it's fine," I soothe him. 

"No," Harry protests. "I want to do it."


I'm sure you guys will know how to imagine what will happen next. I have no idea how to do a gay sex scene. 




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