Forever and Always

Harry an Louis were originally straight, but what happens when they meet on the X factor
What happened over the years?
Will their beards corrupt "Larry" o
Will it be forever, or was Larry never real?
Will Harry's secrecy and constant denials corrupt poor Louis?


7. Chapter 6: Drunken: Harry's POV

I know, yes I am drunk. Yes I'm making out with Louis, and yes, It is gonna hurt him afterwards when my mom asks about it, and i say something hurtful, but to her, I'm not gay. I can't let my family down, especially the girls that fancy me at school. I'm not a womanizer, hell to the fucking no, and I'm doing my best not to hurt him, but I dont wanna hurt my reputation. I just met this lad. Either i have to give up the sweetest, and first gay guy i ever met, or i have to hurt my family, by saying I'm gay..what should I do... 


To be continued, in Drunken part 2 

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