Forever and Always

Harry an Louis were originally straight, but what happens when they meet on the X factor
What happened over the years?
Will their beards corrupt "Larry" o
Will it be forever, or was Larry never real?
Will Harry's secrecy and constant denials corrupt poor Louis?


18. Chapter 17: Making New Friends: Louis's P.O.V.

Chapter 17

 Making New Friends

Louis's P.O.V.


Right after breakfast Harry cleans the dishes in the kitchen while I look up the phone numbers of the other guys we were talking about over breakfast. After I call Niall, Zayn, and Liam telling them that we should hang out sometime today so we can all get to know each other. 

I'm still on the phone with Liam when Harry comes into the living room and plops himself down next to me. I put up one finger in the air telling him to give me a few minutes to talk to Liam which might take more than a minute because Liam and I like to talk a lot. Harry sighs but doesn't say anything while I talk to Liam on my cell phone until I hang up the phone

"Took you long enough," Harry grumbles when I turn and face him. He doesn't look mad just irritated.

"Sorry about that, mate," I say apologetically. I cuddle up against Harry and rest my head on his chest. 

Harry doesn't flinch when I rest my head on his chest nor does he resist me so I find it kind of weird but comforting all at the same time when he wraps an arm around me and pulls me closer to him. For a few moments we sit there on the couch in silence until we hear a knock at the front door. Harry sighs and pushes me off of him gently.

"Who could that be?" I groan in annoyance.

Harry peeks out the curtain then he groans and looks back at me. 

"It's Simon Cowell," he replies. "The only person who knows we're living together besides our parents."





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