Forever and Always

Harry an Louis were originally straight, but what happens when they meet on the X factor
What happened over the years?
Will their beards corrupt "Larry" o
Will it be forever, or was Larry never real?
Will Harry's secrecy and constant denials corrupt poor Louis?


11. Chapter 10: Louis's POV

Harry looks disappointed, no bounce in his step, his face flat-lined. Its probably from last night, he was drunk and i was horny as fuck, I took advantage of him. Yeah he went all daddy on me, but that doesn't mean any shit. When you're drunk, you let things happen, unaware of the consequences.  Well he knows i'm gay now, and by the message his, very hot, body gives off, I personally don't think hes all. Maybe like I'm gay when i wanna fuck. Im not gonna jump to conclusions because i'm sure hes a very sweet lad. And if he is gay..ill help him come around, im not sure how, but I will. 

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