My Sweet Revenge

Perrie Gregory is a 16 year old girl who lives a life of popularity. Her and her three best friends run the school along with her twin brother Jace and his friends. Perrie and Jason have secrets that nobody knows, but are these uncovered when Perrie pretends to date Jason's best friend to get back at her ex ?


2. Chapter Two

Perrie's P.O.V 🌹

I woke up to my face stinging then I remembered what happened last night. Today was Saturday. I had work at a local café and Jason works at a garage nearby. I grabbed my towel and hopped in the shower. After about 15 minutes of showering I was finally done. I chose my clothes : White blouse, black skirt, tan tights and black flats. I applied my make up and tie up my hair. I thought I might as well make a video. I grabbed my camera from the draw and set it up on the tripod. I turned it on then sat on my bed and press the record button. "Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe". I went on about my morning routine. After filming I edited it them uploaded it. My stomach growled indicating I needed food. I skipped down the stairs into the kitchen. I found Jason sitting at the table eating pancakes. I took my serving from the side and sat opposite Jason.

"Morning" I said cheerfully.

"Morning" He replied looking at me "you have a red mark from last night".

"Oh well nothing a bit of make up can't fix" I said not wanting a re- run of last night.

"What can a bit of make up fix ?" asked our Mother. She acts like the perfect Mother but she really isn't. She couldn't care less about us, all she cares about is work and her status.

"Oh nothing I bashed my cheek on my bedside table in the night" I said it was the first thing that came to mind. She looked at me not believing it but said nothing. I finished my food and joined Jason who was stood by the door waiting to go. Jason and I walked to Beyoncé in silence. Once we got  inside Jason spoke "That was close". I nodded not wanting to think about almost getting caught. I put on my seatbelt. The truck started to move. I turned the radio on and History by One Direction comes on. I turned my head towards Jason and we broke out into singing. Well more like screeching.

After singing for about 10 minuets we arrived at the café.

"I will pick you up here when I finish work ok" Jason said hanging his head out of the window.

"Yeah text me if you can't pick me up bye" I said waving. I waited until the truck was out of site then walked into the café. The smell of freshly baked treats and coffee filled my nose. I caught a glimpse of red hair from behind the counter.

"Hi Willow I'm here" I shouted over the sound of the counter. She jumped up in fright. Willow is 24 and owns the café with her sister. She is quite small and has waist length, red hair which she has tied up for work. I've been working here since I was 13.

"Hi there Perrie, I didn't see you there" she laughed filling the cake cabinet. I walked to the staff room to hang up my bag and coat replacing it with my apron. I started by wiping the tables that were dirty. Willow made the drinks and I took orders along with Zack. Zack is 18. He is tall, piercing green eyes and short brown hair. He has a signature smirk that gets all of the girls except me; I see him as a brother.

After 2 hours of serving and cleaning Zack and I went out for our break. We walked further into town. I thought I might go to Greggs and get a sausage roll and some delicious doughnuts. My food thoughts were interrupted by Zack.  

"How's things with you and Will ?" He asked.

"About he kinda cheated on me then dumped me" I replied.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to" He said scratching the back of his neck.

"It's ok Zack you didn't know" I said.

"Well I always thought he was a bit of a dick to be honest" I laughed at this.

We walked into Greggs and I ordered my food. I picked something up for Jason as I know he won't get anything. I payed then join Zack who was starting at something or should I say someone. A small, blonde girl with glasses working in the shop opposite. I recognised her from one of Zack's party - Harleen Lacer.

"So you like Harleen?" I asked. Zack turned red then faced me.

"N-no" He stuttered. I laughed and he nudged me with his elbow. We walked away to take Jason his food. I worked for 3 more hours and I finally finished work. I waited in the car park for Jason. I've had been waiting for 15 minutes and still no sign of Jason. DING ! My phone went off, it's was a text from Jason.

Jason ~ Gone to Chase's sorry 💩

Me ~ It's ok don't be home late 💩

I shook my head, trust him to leave me to walk home alone. I began to walk but it started to raining. Great. The rain bounced off the ground. Cars pass by and splashed  through the puddles on the road, which sprayed me. Ugh. A jeep stopped beside me and the window rolled down. It's Ryder, my brothers friend. His hair is in its natural messy state. It's kind of cute. No don't think like that. You have just broken up with Will.

"Hey need a ride ?" He asked. Cliché.

"Yeah I could do with one thanks" I replied. I got into the car and Ryder drove off. The warm car and leather seats made me feel comfortable.

"You had any food yet? I mean it is nearly 7" He asked.

"No not yet" I replied.

Down the road he turned left. I instantly knew where we are going, Pepper's. Mine and Jason's friends have been going there since year 8. My brothers used to bring me here as well. It is an American styled, roadside diner.

We pulled up to Pepper's and found a parking space.

"You don't mind coming here do you ?" Ryder questioned.

"No of course not, I love this place" I replied taking off my seatbelt.

I got out of the jeep and met Ryder around the front. He stopped  in his tracks as he looked into Pepper's. I looked where he was looking and saw a pretty but snobby looking, blonde girl around my age. I turned back to Ryder who was I'm a state of panic.

"You ok ?" I asked.

"Yeah it's just that's my ex and I told her I had gotten a girlfriend and moved on" He told me.

Then it clicked if Ryder and I pretend to be together not only can Ryder get back at his ex I can get back at Will. I held Ryder's hand and he looks at me questionably. I felt a tingly feeling in my arm but shook it off.

"Just follow my lead" I told him and he nodded. We walked through the doors hand in hand. Ryder's hands were so big compared to my small ones. The waiter greeted us as we stopped at the mini front desk.

"Table for two?" She asked politely.

"Yeah please" Ryder replied seeming more confident. The waitress showed us to our table. I could see Ryder's ex looking at our interlaced fingers the whole time. So I turned around and looked at her dead in the eye and gave her a sarcastic smile. I guess my plan worked.

"Thanks Perrie" Ryder said sitting down.

"It's ok Ryder" I said picking up the menu. A few minuets later the waitress came back. She took our orders of two chocolate milkshakes, some fries and walked away. We sat and waited for the food and drinks to come. We talked for a while about school and his upcoming birthday party. The fries and drinks came so we dug in to the food and drink.

"Ryder?" I asked "I have thought of something that will benefit us both"

"Really?" He raised his eyebrow whilst shoving some fries in his mouth.

"Yeah if we pretend to be together, I can get back at Will and you your ex" I suggested sipping on my milkshake.

"You know what that sounds like a plan" He responded "But we are going full out ok so it doesn't look fake"

"Deal" I retorted holding out my hand. Ryder shook my hand then smirked as he ate his fries.


So how was the second part ?

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