Friends, Summer trips and Radiation.

Note: Contains Swearing We're stranded here. There's no way out. I may as well go live on Instagram... A summer road trip sounded fun to Ashley and her friends. After all, it is their gap year...But then they get stuck in the Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl. Instead of make a horror movie of it, everyone decides to go live on Instagram. It's summer, right? Stuck in a radioactive city with best friends...What's the worst that could happen?


1. Stranded.

I'm semi bored, so, yeah, here's another story. I got the inspiration from a horror film, and thought, what if there wasn't actually mutants and everyone made a joke of it and all went live on Instagram? what if it basically was the opposite of horror film crap? so I wrote this. Enjoy and comment below!!!!

Ashley's POV.

We laugh as we head back to the car. River had dared us for nights into including Chernobyl in our summer road trip and we eventually crumbled. We'd basically made jokes for the whole tour, and took silly Polaroid pictures. I hold the camera and prints carefully-I don't want to drop them. My Polaroid camera has suffered enough. We all look at each other and laugh hysterically again. We didn't bother with a tour guide-we just drove here. There's four of us- me, River, Casey and Meadow. Meadow gets in the driver's seat of the car, and the rest of us pile in. She turns the ignition, and the car makes a weird noise then roars to life. Meadow manages to drive a few meters before the car crashes into the massive yellow wheel that we'd been taking pictures near. We all jump out and run as the engine suddenly bangs. Metal flies from the car. Weirdly, we all crumple to the floor, weak with laughter.

"Shit!" River finally manages to say.

"The car had too much radiation!" Meadow jokes, and we all laugh so much it hurts.

"Well, we're fucked." I say when the laughter dies down a bit. I should feel scared, but I'm not. It all feels unreal.

"Way fucked." Casey agrees. We all look at each other. Where do we go now?


River's POV.

We laugh about the car for a bit longer, then I have an idea.

"Who has signal?" I ask. We charged out phones all the way here, and they are still pretty much on 100% We were too busy with Ashley's Polaroid to bother with them.

"Me!" everyone replies.

"Well...Why don't we go live on Instagram? It'd be funny, and no-one else has ever been in this situation. It'd be cool!" I suggest.

"That is actually a good idea! At least everyone will know where we are and what's going on with us." Casey says. We all log in to Instagram, and in barely any time we are all live.

"Hey everyone! Basically, I made everyone go to Chernobyl, and now we are stranded out here. I thought it would be a good idea to share our experience with you guys! We're going to keep it on until either we get rescued or our phones die, whichever happens quickest! So, yeah, keep watching!" I say into the camera. The views are already over one thousand. I guess the fact that we are all Youtubers helps with that. We begin walking together, one group all live on Instagram and stuck in Chernobyl. What's the worst that could actually happen?

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