Ever Since New York

"I've been praying, I never did before.... Understand I'm talking to the walls... And I've been praying ever since New York."


2. First Night

Three months ago, the guys and I were in New York City. To most, everyone called in The Big Apple (well, the tourists anyway). It was our last leg of the tour. We were finally going to be heading home in a few months.

We were more than excited to be going home. This last leg of the tour was part of an eight-month venture, going from Europe to Asia and now to the States. The long hiatus gave each of us the chance to pursue our solo careers.

Our fans have been supportive of us from the beginning. We have all done different kinds of music, which appeal to what we all liked. Also, the hiatus allowed for us to spend more time with our families who would only see us a handful of times throughout the years while we were on tour.

“Check out this view!” said Louis. We all went over to our window. I had to agree with him on that one. The four of us were able to share a hotel room together.

There were two queen sized beds that two of us can each bunk in. Niall and Liam were sharing a bed while I was sharing one with Louis. “Let’s go out.” I suggested.

Everyone looked at me. I knew what Liam was going to say before the words left his mouth. We were only in New York for a few days. We hardly had any time to venture out. “Just for the night, and then we can work all day tomorrow.” I said to him.

It didn’t take much to persuade the guys to go out with me that night. We took our showers and changed into a new set of clothing before heading out. We knew which place to go after having numerous performances here in the city.

All of us were able to go to a bar to drink. Of course, we had a curfew to be in bed at the hotel. It was likely for Liam and Louis to break that curfew.

We entered a nearby bar that had a decent crowd. As soon as we entered, I noticed a girl sitting in the corner with her friends. The guys walked straight to the bar without me to order drinks. Reluctantly, I followed after them and joined them at the bar. Still, I couldn’t stop looking in the direction of that girl.

She had long dark hair, olive colored skin, and had this beautiful smile. I had to know her before the weekend was over. Otherwise, I’d regret not meeting her.

Just as the thought of walking over to go talk to her crossed my mind, she stood up and started walking towards our direction. Liam and Louis moved aside to let the girl through. She was ordering another drink.

“Let me pay.” It was a single thought I let slip out of my mouth after she announced her order to the bartender. The girl seemed surprised by this statement, looking as if a guy hadn’t bought her a drink before.

Her immediate head turn to look in my direction allowed for me to get a good visual on the girl. She had dark brown eyes that were so full of light and yet, they were mysterious at the same time. “Oh, you don’t have to. Are you serious?” I smiled and told her that I insisted and placed the money on the bar when her drink was served to her.

“Thank you.” She placed her hand casually on top of my arm and caressed it for just a quick second. “I would love to stay and chat, but I’m here with my friends. I can’t leave them behind.” She motioned over to the table.

How ironic was it for me to see her with three of her friends, other than herself. I suggested to her that my friends could keep them company while she and I talk at a nearby table. At first she was hesitant and then she agreed to have my friends talk with hers.

I motioned to the guys by giving them the ‘go ahead’ signal and looked towards the table of girls. Immediately, the three of them walked way, which left me to talk with the girl alone. “I’m Harry.” I held out my hand towards the girl.

“Vanessa.” She smiled and shook my hand. She took a drink from her glass while we sat at the bar together. “How long are you and your friends in the city for?” I replied to her that we were in New York for a tour and were staying at the hotel for a couple of days. She seemed disappointed to hear this statement, as I was disappointed to tell her. I knew I had just met the girl, but a part of me wanted to get to know her more.

“Well, we’re just going to have to hang out until the day you leave.” she smiled. While she seemed optimistic, I could tell by the tone in her voice that she wished that I could stay longer. I wished I could stay longer as well. I told her that it was a good idea before we exchanged numbers. We were at the bar until ‘last call’ had been announced. The guys had left the bar with her friends about 30 minutes ago. I’m sure that they would’ve gone back to the hotel by now.

Vanessa and I exited the bar together. “Where do you live?” I asked her. She said that she lived right down the street. Well, I was thankful that it was walking distance to the hotel. I walked with her to her place. I was certain that it would be inappropriate of me to enter a girl’s house on the first night of meeting her. Just as I was about to bid her good night, she asked me if I wanted to come inside. This was an offer that was difficult for me to refuse. She could tell how hesitant I was in giving her an answer. “Right, sorry. We barely know—“

“I’ll come inside.”

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