Ever Since New York

"I've been praying, I never did before.... Understand I'm talking to the walls... And I've been praying ever since New York."


3. First Kiss

I found myself waking up in a room. It took me a minute to figure out that I was not at the hotel room, and that I was in fact at Vanessa's house. Also, I had a slight headache. Vanessa entered the room, wearing a silk robe while carrying a glass of water in her hand. "Here. These will help."

I sat up slowly and saw that she was holding out two white pills in her hands. I thanked her and took them from her hand. I gulped them down with the glass of water. Recollecting my thoughts from last night, I was wondering about what had happened the night before. "What happened?" I asked her, in hopes that she would remember.

"We went inside, talked, and you passed out on my bed." She chuckled lightly. "I didn't want to wake you, and so I slept in my roommate's room. They're out of town for the weekend. I wouldn't have invited you in if they were here." What did she mean by that exactly? I nodded and took another drink from my glass.

It was then my phone rang. It was laid out on the nightstand. I reached over to pick it up. Liam’s voice came through on the other hand, frantically asking me about my whereabouts. Damn. I should’ve called the guys. “Where are you mate?” asked he.

I got out of Vanessa’s bed and started to get dressed. I told him that I would meet them at the hotel. “We’re at the stadium for rehearsal.” Okay, so I was late for a rehearsal. I hung up the phone and managed to get my arms through the sleeves. Vanessa helped me button up my shirt. I thanked her and said that I had to go. She looked a bit disappointed and nodded. 

I kissed her cheek and told her for a great night before leaving her apartment. I called for a taxi to drive me to the stadium. When I arrived, the guys were in the middle of singing ‘Perfect.’ I was signaled to head up on the stage and joined in on my part. The song finished and was told to have a short break. “You didn’t come back to the hotel.” said Niall.

“I was with Vanessa.” I told the guys.

“Pretty name.” said Louis.

“Yeah, for a very beautiful girl.” I thought about the way she had looked earlier. Her long black hair fell naturally in long waves. She had looked so radiant in the morning sun. The guys could tell that I was day-dreaming about a girl that I most likely would never see again. She seemed disappointed that I had left in such a hurry without a proper goodbye. I just had to see her again.

I took out my phone and scrolled to her name in my contact list. I waited two rings until I heard her voice on the other end. “Vanessa, it’s Harry. I was wondering if you’re free later.” I said. Vanessa said that she could see me later today at 3pm. I told her that was the perfect time before hanging up.

The guys and I went through the setlist for our concert before it was time to take another break before heading out. “Don’t tell us you’re in love with her.” Louis joked.  I rolled my eyes and said that I wasn’t. There was no way that I could be in love with a girl that I had just met the night before.

The guys and I went back to the hotel before I had to meet up with Vanessa. We agreed to meet at Central Park. Niall asked where did I gone off to the night before. I only said that I walked Vanessa and stayed there a few hours too late. “Mate, you were out all night.” reminded Liam.

I couldn’t lie to my friends. I was starting to like her. Though, I’m not sure if she felt that way about me. It only made me wonder about who her roommate was. She was never specific on whether they were male or female. I hope to God that it was female. She didn’t mention anything about her relationships either.

I asked her if she was seeing someone, but the response she gave me was: it’s complicated. I wanted to know what that meant. Was she planning on breaking up with them or was it complicated because I was involved? Though, I thought it had nothing to do with me. After all, we had only just met. I was confused.

Later that afternoon, I arrived at Central Park. Vanessa was sitting on a bench, waiting for me until I arrived. She smiled when she saw me. It was a smile that didn’t fully reach to her eyes. Something was wrong. I could sense it. “How was your morning?” asked she. So, she was deciding to make small talk. She was avoiding something.

“I was late for rehearsal, but I made up for it.” Vanessa nodded. She was looking around uncomfortably. Was she thinking that someone was watching us? I wasn’t sure. I wish I knew what she was thinking, what was on her mind. It was hard for me to read her expression because she wasn’t giving much. “Oh, I’m sorry I made you late for rehearsal.” said she.

“It’s my own fault, but it was worth it.” I smiled, hoping it was enough to reassure her that it was okay. Still, her reaction did not change. “What’s wrong?” Vanessa was silent. The atmosphere between us had suddenly changed. Now it almost seemed to feel like she was breaking up with me, even though we weren’t together. I was starting to think that she wasn’t in to me, that things weren’t going to work out. She didn’t say a single thing. It was then she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine.

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